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How does the Banking Sector Influence Economic Growth? A Comparative Analysis of China and India (2012)

Ref: busman0081

It has been long disputed in economic literature and circles that financial sectors play an integral role in economic growth of nations. The results of some modern empirical literature emphasised that well-functioning financial structure played a vital role in economic growth. Many economists have widely explored the relationship between finance and growth and established that financial development has a strong, positive influence on economic growth. This dissertation provides a selective summary of the available literature on the impact of the Banking sector on the growth of Indian economy. In addition to this, the study presents a selective synopsis on financial development and economic growth of India in perspective with China and to understand how the banking sector occupied a vital role in the promotion of economic growth and also conducted a comparative study on the similarities of both the economies. Long-term sustainable economic growth depends on the ability to raise the rates of accumulation of physical and human capital, to use the resulting productive assets more efficiently and to ensure the access of the whole population to these assets. Financial intermediation supports this investment process by mobilising household and foreign savings for investment by firms; ensuring that these funds are allocated to the most productive use; and spreading risk and providing liquidity so that firms can operate the new capacity efficiently. The primary objective of this dissertation is to formally establish the role of banking sector on the economic growth of India in correlation with China:
  • The main aim of this study is to examine the influence of the development of  Banking sector  on  Indian Economy
  • In this process, one of the objective of the research is to find out the link between the financial development and Economic growth in India
  • In addition to this, to find out the impact of Banking and Non-Banking financial institutions on the Indian financial development and Economic growth
  • Also to analyze the role of Banking sector in comparison with the other financial intermediaries on the economic growth of India
  • Besides this, to conduct a comparative study on the role of banking sector on the financial development and economic growth of India in context with China
  • Furthermore, to investigate in detail about the relationship between the Economic growth, financial development and Banking sector in China
  • Finally to understand the similarities of both the economies that is (India Vs China) in relation with Economic growth, Financial development and Banking sector

  • 12,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business and finance students

Executive Summary & Introduction
Aims & Objectives
Dissertation Outline

Literature Review
Theoretical Background
The Financial system and Economic growth
Role of Financial System
Financial development and Economic growth in China
Household Savings in China
Banking Sector in China
Economic growth in India
The Financial System in India
The Financial Market
The Financial Intermediaries
The Financial development in India
The Banking Sector in India
Liberalization Policy
India v China

Research Methodology
Forms of Research Methodologies
Research Strategy and Design
Data Collection methods and Analysis
Advantages of Secondary Data
Ethics Disclaimer

Research Findings and Discussion
Gross Deposit Product Growth (annual Percentage)
Liquid Liabilities (M3) as Percentage of GDP
Domestic credit facilitated by the Banking sector (Percentage of GDP)
Market capitalization of listed companies (Percentage of GDP)
SPSS results with absolute values & application of T-test

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