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MA "An Analysis into the Impact of Knowledge Management on Strategic Planning: Focus on the UK Low Cost Budget Airline Sector"
MA "An Investigation into the Real Estate Industry in China"
MA "Do Organisations With Successful CRM Software and Technologies Benefit From Better Financial Performance?"
MA "International Business Entry Mode in China"
MBA "Setting Objectives at LZ Company A Critical Evaluation in Management by Objective Approach"
MBA "What is the Criterion for Successful Flexible Working Arrangements? An Analysis into Flexible Working Practices at PricewaterhouseCoopers UK"
MBA "An Investigation on How Innovative Companies Gain a Competitive Advantage through Effective Management of Technology"
MBA "A Study into the Feasibility and Deployment of the Four-Factor Asset Pricing Model in the UK Stock Market"
MBA "An Examination of Supply Chain Management at Sony Electronics: Does It Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction?"
MBA "A Review into Project Theoretical Concepts and Models in Regards to the Management of Change and Conflict"
MBA "A Study into the Effects of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation"
MSc "Organisational Decision Making Assessment and Improvement"
MBA "External Finance and Firm Performance : Evidence From China"
MBA "Samsung Corporation and the IT Compatible Supplies Industry: An In-Depth Analysis of the Impact of Brand Image and Its Relevance to Consumer Choice"
BA "How Do Supplier Collaboration Practices Improve Quality and Competitiveness in the Automotive Industry?"
MBA "Inventory Optimization Techniques: A comparative Study of the Inventory Optimization Technique Used by Telecom Retailers"
MA "China’s Grand Oil Strategy in a Post-Peak World"
BA "Cultural Differences and Aspects of Internet Privacy"
BA "The Affects of Illegal Music Downloads on Music Retailers"
BA "Consumers Expectation and Perceptions in the Retail Property Market in London"
MBA "An Analysis and Evaluation of Investment Strategies"
BA "Expectations and Perceptions of Consumers in the Banking Industry: The Case of NatWest"
MBA "Investigation of the Underlying Principle for Team Working Techniques and Team Working Effectiveness"
MSc "The Influence of Emotion in Ethical Decision Making: Focus on the Cash And Carry Sector"
MA "An Investigation into Existing Global Outsourcing Trends"
BA "A Study into Competitive Strategies Adopted by Companies to Mitigate the Effects of Recession"
BA "A Study into the Key Business Environmental and Sustainability Strategies Adopted by Organisations"
MBA "How does the Banking Sector Influence Economic Growth? A Comparative Analysis of China and India"
MBA "An Investigation into the Role of CSR in Today’s World and does it Provide any Competitive Advantage to the Organisation and Social Benefits to Society: Case of McDonalds"
MBA "What Role Does CRM Play In A Company’s Performance?"
MBA "Determining the Strategies for Effective Cross Culture Training – An Analysis into HSBC"
BA "Outsourcing May Pose a Threat to the Security and Confidentiality to the Firm"
BA "The Emergence and Ascendancy of Indian Cuisine in the United Kingdom"
BA "The Impact and Influence of Organisational Culture on Innovation Management"
MA "An Analysis into Online Shopping Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction - A Case Study of Taobao"
BA "The Effectiveness of CRM at British Airways"
MBA "Which Quality Improvement Tool is Best Suited to the Healthcare Industry?"
MBA "Talent Management at Syngenta versus Best Practice: How is Syngenta’s Talent Management Process Aligned with Global Best Practice?"
MBA "An Investigation into Customer Perception of Service Quality Provided by Small and Large Hotels in China. Does Size influence Customer Expectations?"
MBA "An Analysis into the Extent of Financial Leverage within the UK Food and Drink Industry – Identifying Potential Communication Problems between Senior Management and Investors"
BA "Do Political Issues Compared With Technological Issues Have A Greater Affect On The Economy Of A Developing Country?"
MA "What challenges Textile structure of Shandong Province Face in the Developmental process of Industries? A Study of Textile Industries in Shandong Province China"
MA "Can Job Satisfaction and Motivation Impact the Performance and Efficiency of an Organisation?"
MBA "An Investigation into the Impact of Leadership on Organisational Performance"
MA "What Are the Potential Cultural Issues Faced By Companies Operating Across Different National Boundaries"
MBA "What is the Impact of Innovation and Technology Usage on Business Management?"
MA "Is Fairtrade A Good Business Technique or Devious Marketing Ploy?"
BA "Can Environmentally Friendly Business Strategies Increase Profitability?"

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