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Marketing Essays

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Marketing Environment: A Comparison of M&S and Sainsbury’s

Some organisations grow to be extremely large and profitable, while others go bankrupt. Some organisations diversify into new business activities, while others do not. The greatest challenge for a successful organisation is change. Change also challenges managers. It is not surprising that the concept of ‘strategy’, which provides a way to deal with change, was developed in a military setting. A strategy gives direction to diverse activities, even though the conditions under which those activities are carried out are rapidly changing. As the conditions under which businesses and not-for-profit organisations operate become increasingly competitive, as the ranges of responses become more constrained, and as the survival stakes become higher, strategy becomes increasingly relevant to sound management. Strategic management can be thought of as having three main elements within it, which includes understanding the strategic position of an organisation, strategic choices for the future and turning strategy into action. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate M&S’s and Sainsbury’s strategy on the possibility of participating more actively in the UK market. Includes: SWOT Analysis, Mintzberg’s 5 Ps for Strategy, Porter’s Generic Strategies, The Value Chain, Ansoff Matrix, BCG Planning tool & The 7s McKinsey Model

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Nokia’s Market Entry into China

At the beginning of 1980s, ‘Nokia has been adept at leveraging its limited financial and managerial resources to gain a foothold in lead market. The strategy of narrowing the business focuses to leverage resources but aggressively enter international markets made China critical to Nokia’s future – and a source of another tragedy within the company.’ After Nokia has gained a stable market performance in Europe and the USA, next step for long-term operation, Nokia made a transition to global focus mobile phone seller from a technology concern. Moreover, Nokia shifted its global strategy sharply toward Asia, where Nokia saw its largest market potential, especially in China, low penetration circumstance made Nokia recognising a fantastic potential for volume. There is no doubt that, it is rare nowadays for any boardroom not to have the immense opportunity of the China’s market high on their list of priorities. If ever you had to go with the flow and culture of an overseas market, China appears to be the epitome.’ As a result, Nokia prepared to expand its business into China. Includes SWOT, PEST, 4Ps Analyses

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MBA - E-Business Strategy Review Report for Tesco

om. Tesco is currently the UK’s largest Supermarket chain and the market leading food retailer in the country with the core purpose to create value for customers and thus earn their loyalty. It is the largest British retailer by both global sales and domestic market share, with profits exceeding £3 billion, and the third largest global retailer based on revenue, behind Wal-Mart and Carrefour. With the economy being as it is at present, TESCO are fortunate that they have not been as badly affected as some retailers by the recession. TESCO have branded themselves as selling to everyone and therefore offer a range of products and services from Value to Finest prices thus appealing to all segments of the market. Despite being in a recession, Tesco made record profits for a British company during the 2009 year up to February 2010. Underlying per-tax profits increased 10.1% to £3.4 billion. Tesco now plans to offer 16,000 new jobs, of which 9,000 will be in the UK. Includes Porter’s Five Forces and PESTEL Analyses

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MBA Project: Strategic Marketing

The relevance, strengths and limitations of each of the following theories are based around my company X/X/X Distribution Limited was formed in 2001 to distribute FMCG products to established computer supplies dealers in the UK and continental Europe. The thrust of our business is the supply of Samsung branded compatible laser and Inkjet consumable products for H-P, Epson and Canon printers. It is a large mature market worth an estimated £40 billion worldwide (based on sell out value) and is not only dominated by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) but by a plethora of re-manufacturers, refillers and compatible suppliers who have positioned themselves as low cost alternatives to the “big three”.

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A Marketing Strategy for Etihad Airlines

Fifield notes that whereas the department of sales in an organization is about ensuring the customers actually buys whatever the organization is making, the aim of the marketing department is to make whatever the customer wants to buy. Even though marketing is usually just perceived by a lay man to revolve around advertising of a commodity that a particular organization is making, the concept of marketing is actually a lot deeper. And given the complex and competitive world that is now being evolved, it is very important for the organizations to best cater to the needs of the customers and then again to attract as many customers towards them as possible. One significant solution to this then is to develop a strategic marketing plan. Strategy has been defined by Proctor as the process through which an organization develops and plans its goals and then achieves it. This means that a strategy includes both planning and implementing. Going further into the paper then, another important element of strategy, evaluating will be studied

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A Marketing Strategy for BlackBerry

The purpose of this paper is to present a detailed Environmental scan, covering the next three years (2010-2012), for Research in Motion (RIM), the company whose portfolio is comprised of a single brand: BlackBerry, and all the services that revolve around it. Rather than focusing on a particular device under the BlackBerry hierarchy, the Strategy encompasses the entire BlackBerry “Umbrella Brand”. The methodology for this paper will be to first present the Product Market structure & define the Relevant Market, followed by a detailed analysis of the major macro and micro environmental trends, the strategic implications of those trends in terms of the Product Market Structure, Primary & Secondary Demand, Segmentation, Competitive Analysis and finally a conclusion. Prior to presenting the strategy, it is first important to get a sense of the BlackBerry brand’s background and history. BlackBerry is a line of smartphones which was initially launched by the Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) which first developed a two-way pager in 1999. The major features of BlackBerry devices include various wireless services such as “push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing and web browsing”. Because of its multi-functionality it is sometimes referred to as a “Convergent Device”

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Measuring impact of customer satisfaction on customer retention: A Case Study of CaféDirect

Research is mainly conducted to qualify the course in efficient way. Other purpose for conducting research is to apply academic theories and models in practical field and find solution of problems. The main focus of this research is particularly at the critical evaluation customer satisfaction and customer retention. Customers are integral part of every company, so companies seek for opportunities for retaining customers. Research is focused on customer retention of CafeDirect which is a fair-trade company. Purpose of conducting research on Cafedirect is to determine effectiveness of fair-trade goods on customer retention

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Kraft Foods’ Marketing Plan

Kraft is the 2nd largest producer of Consumer food products after Nestle, it operates in around 70 countries across the world with around 98,000 employees and sells its products in over 150 countries in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa through its subsidiaries, Kraft Foods International Inc and Kraft Foods North America Inc. Having realized that it was losing the market, Kraft carried out research which enabled it to be able to serve people well it had to start producing healthy foods. This is the only way it would ensure that it continued enjoying the market it already has. Its focus has shifted to healthy eating styles and this explains why it has introduced the new Fat Free OREO whose objective is to solidify its grip on the market and portray it as a company that supports healthy eating life styles .The fat free OREO is expected to become a leading fat free snack in the market in the whole world. There are other products such as OREO piecrust, OREO ice cones, and OREO Fat Free snacks that are available for vending machines which Kraft is using to enhance its sales

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Apple’s Brand Management Strategy

The competition in today’s business environment on a global level is difficult, and not at least due to the expansion of the consumer market and the raise of particular new and emerging economic forces, such as China, India and Brazil. Thus, the achievement of a position that is both unique and advantageous in regards to the competition is not only tough, but can also be very expensive. The companies worldwide are facing serious challenges in accessing the high level of funding necessary for investments in the fields of research and design to ensure differentiation of their products and in their production lines for maintaining product availability. These costs must be covered somehow, and this is why the role of marketing and brand uniqueness has grown well over its primarily intended influence in the last several years

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Marketing Plan for SriLankan Airlines

In this competitive environment, it is necessary to have detailed analysis of internal as well as external environment of the company, before formulating any policy. In any company, the audit is mainly done of three traditional departments e.g. finance, management and marketing. The marketing audit is the tool that helps in formulating the marketing plan of the company by assessing the current state of affairs and analyzing the future trends of industry (Blythe & Megicks, 2010). There are three levels of marketing audit which can be applied in type of company. At present, the company has network in 34 countries along with 4 destinations. The company has strong presence on social media and good ranking in Google. In social media, the most common platforms are the facebook, linkledin, youtube and twitter. On these four platforms, SriLankan Airlines is regularly updating its customers about features of products. The SriLankan Airlines created official pages on these platforms and it had millions of likes and followers. In the same way, SriLankan Airlines run regular advertisement in dailies, weeklies and monthly newspapers. At the end of advertisement, the signs of social media are used which are showing that SriLankan Airlines is also available in social media for further queries

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Marketing Plan for Billabong International Limited

Billabong international limited is a clothing retailer with its headquarters in Queensland, Australia. It was founded in the year 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant. The company specializes in clothing as well as sporting products and accessories such as backpacks, watches, skateboards and other snowboard products. The company also owns several other brands such as RVCA, Honolua Surf Company and Sector 9. It is headed by Neil Fiske who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. This report aims at reviewing the company’s marketing strategies that have been in place and advice on measures that may potentially improve this sector. It analyses the industry ad factors that affect it as well as the company’s position with regard to its marketing plans

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Marketing Productivity

There has been a lot of growing need for market players to constantly monitor marketing productivity in the recent past. This comes as the global business scene is riddled by increasing competition, thus the need for strategic planning for businesses. The major aim of focusing on marketing productivity is to ensure that there is sound accountability for all actions within the organization. Carrying out business without following a certain plan makes it dangerous especially where there is a lot of risk in the market. In such situations, a business could end up suffering from lack of a competitive advantage as other players succeed in the same field. There are various challenges when it comes to gauging marketing productivity today, one of them being the focus on future effects of marketing productivity

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Homebase Marketing Planning

This report provides an insight of Homebase, with a keen emphasis on its internal and external environment analysis so as to develop a competitive marketing strategy for the company. Homebase is a home improvement retail store and garden center that is based in the United Kingdom. The retailer has more than 340 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it is part of the Home Retail Group, along with Argos. For this reason, Homebase is a subsidiary of Home Retail Group and operates within the industry of retail and home improvement. PEST, SWOT and Balance Scorecard

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Red Bull Marketing Plan

In wake of globalisation, competition on global level and emerging markets all around the world; it has become essential for organisations to pursue continuous growth and expansion in order to address the factors in the external environment threatening the long term survival of the organisation. There are a number of growth strategies available for an organisation. Some of the options may include: establishment of a completely new business, acquisition of another business, merger with an existing business, and identification of new target markets for expansion of business through brand extension or brand stretching. The last option may be highly feasible for businesses that have strong brand presence in the global markets. This paper includes identification of two new target markets in the UK market for Red Bull and presents marketing plans appropriate to both the identified target markets. The paper provides an overview of Red Bull followed by an extensive environmental appraisal analysis of the organisation. The environmental analysis includes application of multiple frameworks such as: SWOT, PESTEL, value chain analysis, and competitive analysis. After the environmental analysis, the paper presents identification of the two target markets, the characteristics of customers in each market, and positioning to be conducted in the markets. The last section of the paper specifies marketing mixes for each target market including the

Marketing Analysis of Asda

This paper has been prepared to understand the marketing issues of a specific leading company. Here, I have chosen Asda Stores Ltd., Which is one of the fastest growing retail companies in current world. Here, I have discussed on various marketing models including the marketing mix, SWOT to demonstrate the overall marketing position of the company. I have also developed strategic marketing objective for this company. Moreover, I have demonstrated various tools and techniques that will be supportive of developing and managing their marketing strategies, operations, and plans. I have prepared a monitoring and evaluating strategy for them. These will help to develop their marketing management. Finally, I have put some recommendation for this organization. If Asda Stores Ltd can cope up with the recommended situation and conduct business effectively, this organization can hope to expand more efficiently. SWOT, Product Mix and Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Plan for Starbucks - Citrus Zinger

Starbucks is the premier, maker, roaster, and retailer of specialty coffee across the globe, functioning in more than 62 countries. Starbucks came into being in 1985, the common stock of Starbucks on NASDAQ Global street market is (NASDAQ) under the label of ‘SUBUX’. Starbuck has, in fiscal 2013, more than 3 billion customer’s visits to their more than 19,000 stores spread in 62 countries. Thus far, Starbuck is planning add a new innovative product in its goods list, the squeezing cup. Since we all know that fresh-squeezed juice is a different drink as compare to the other preservative juices lined up in the stores. For target market, Starbucks will choose one of more segments. We will select one or all of the three strategies, such as, Single Segment Concentration, Market Aggregation, or multiple segment targeting. The problems will be considered to be solved by the help of the management team because entering new market will be facing many barriers and contingencies, so the management is required to stay focused and up to date with market variations. Implements new strategies to attract new customers and create a good reputation in the market. SWOT Analysis, Target Market, Marketing Objectives, Situation Analysis, Product Mix, Price Strategy and Promotion Strategy

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Marketing Analysis of Samsung

This paper has been prepared to understand the marketing issues of a specific leading company. Here, I have chosen Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., which is one of the fastest growing company in current world. Here, I have discussed on various marketing models including the marketing mix, SWOT to demonstrate the overall marketing position of the company. I have also developed strategic marketing objective for this company. Moreover, I have shown the short-term and long-term profit strategies. I have also prepared a communication process with the customer. I have demonstrated various tools and techniques that will be supportive for developing and managing their strategies, operations, and plans. I have prepared a monitoring and evaluating strategy for them. These will be favourable for their marketing management. Finally, I have put some recommendation for this organization. If Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd can cope up with the recommended situation and conduct business effectively, this organization can hope to expand more efficiently

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Marketing Strategy Wall-Mart

Wal-Mart is a multinational company which has its headquarters in Arkansas and has several thousand stores in around twenty seven countries. It was founded by Sam and James Walton in 1962. The company operates supermarket chains, groceries and general merchandise stores and seeks to always help customers’ live better lives by saving on necessities. The company started trading in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1972. It is rated as one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. However, the company’s profits are fast reducing due to increased competition and ways to revert this must be developed. This marketing strategy will analyze the company’s position and propose ways of increasing its revenues by 35% in the next three years. Wal-Mart has over the years positioned itself as having the cheapest prices in the retail industry. For that reason, it has been able to create a client base that its competitors can only dream of. The brand has almost monopolized the retail market by opening numerous stores that offer low prices that are so low that rivals cannot compete

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Marketing Plan and Promotion of Unilever Product (Dove) in the UK

This paper provides discussion regarding the marketing plan of a new product that is proposed to be launched as a new product line of Dove. It discusses about the theoretical basis and principles of marketing planning on which the whole launch of the product would be based. The promotional policies and the ways in which the product can be promoted are discussed. Also, the industry, market and competitors analysis is prepared to understand the external environment of the company. Marketing strategy is devised on the basis of segmentation, positioning and targeting. Also the strategy in devised according to marketing mix variables. The sales are forecasted by evaluating Doves 2015 sales. The paper recommends launching Dove’s Men Products to grasp the huge market share from the male market. The contingency plan is also drawn in case of failure of the product to make profits

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Marketing Plan for McDonalds

With an intention to attain the sustainable cutthroat benefit in this increasing competition it is important for the companies to make use of strategies and marketing plan that will help them to compete with their competitors. The main objective is also related to the development of marketing plan for McDonald’s restaurant in Oman where they will launch their two new eatable items. A comprehensive analysis about the environment of the Oman market will be carried out and the factors effecting the functioning of the organization will also be discussed in this report

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Marketing Analysis of Zara

This paper is based on the marketing analysis of Zara. Zara is a Spanish clothing brand, which is well known for its low prices and fashionable clothing. Zara has been positioned as a unique and fashionable brand that targets middle class and high class customers. Most of Zara’s customers are female who demand low-priced fashionable clothing. The company promotes its products through word-of-the-mouth advertising and retail store environment. The company does not spend its resources on advertising; instead it focuses on the development of an efficient supply chain. Marketing Analysis of Zara, Marketing Mix, Segmentation of Zara, Positioning Map and Zara Brand Wheel

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Online Fashion Competition ASOS v Boohoo

Boohoo is a leading online fashion retail group. The company designs, sources, markets, and sells clothing, shoes, and accessories to consumers aged between 16-24 years old in the United Kingdom and globally. Boohoo boasts of strong presence in the UK, US, Australia, and Ireland, but its products sell in over 200 countries. The ASOS (As Seen on Screen) is another leading fashion that operates an online shop. It sells over 850 brands of clothes, shoes, and accessories. ASOS tagline or slogan is “discover fashion online.” ASOS attracts over 20 million consumers in approximately 160 countries around the world. In general, both Boohoo and ASOS have almost similar business models because they operate exclusively online. Online operations provide both companies with a lower cost base. Another similarity is that both companies focus on the UK market and have desire to increase their exposure in foreign markets

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External Communications Audit

Most organizations need to oversee communications strategies that benefits from an external communications audit, or a strategic assessment of how the organization connects with distinctive audiences. This audit ought to incorporate surveying how communications endeavors identify with the organization’s primary goals. Get somebody outside the organization to perform an audit if there is nobody on staff to perform an internal audit. The audit focuses on the level of effectiveness of distinctive communications strategies. Before deciding the firm’s effectiveness in communications, identify what kinds of audiences get messages from the firm, and those that should get them. An audit may show findings that suggest how the communications strategy can be enhanced, such as a discovering that some audiences should be reached in more ways or with more effective means of communication

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International Marketing Strategy: Coca Cola’s Marketing Activity in China

Coco Cola was invented in the US in 1886. It is based in the US. Since its invention, it has been considered as one of the most successful international product. Currently Coca Cola Company is manufacturing around 400 products which are being used and produced in around 200 countries of the world. It internationalization began promptly in the last fifty years, which resulted in a remarkable competitor edge for the Coca Cola Company. Currently Coca Cola is one of the most pioneer brands in the world ranking above Apple, Samsung and Amazon. The work will elaborate the internationalization of Coca Cola in China through various marketing strategies which have been adopted by this global giant corporation

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Strategic Analysis of Barclays Bank Plc

Barclays Bank Plc, along with its subsidiaries, provides financial services in several parts of the world that includes regions such as UK, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The basic functions of the company is to offer services associated with personal banking, mortgages, wealth and investment management, corporate banking services and even payment services, that includes credit cards and consumer lending as well for both consumer and business customers. Includes: Market Analysis of Barclays, Marketing and Financial objectives, Positioning strategies, Marketing Mix Strategies, Marketing Analysis of the Banking Industry, Five Forces Analysis, Environmental Analysis, External Analysis of Barclays, Customer Analysis, Market Segmentation, Target Market, Internal Analysis and SWOT Analysis

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A Situation Analysis for Netflix UK

This report has completed a situation analysis on Video on Demand provider Netflix. Through doing so, digital marketing objectives have been constructed. To perform the situation analysis, four primary areas have been explored; the overview of business, the industry, competitors and the target market. Findings suggest that Netflix is a highly successful company based upon both financial success and brand recognition. With few competitors, Netflix has established a business model which allows them to offer a high quality product at a competitive price. With various revenue streams, the business is profitable and has displayed abilities to adapt to technological change. However, a lingering threat of piracy persists with the potential to adversely affect profitability

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International Marketing, Assessment and Entry Strategies

The entry mode remains a vital choice for all firms that are making a decision of expanding their organization to other undeveloped or developed states internationally. An organization considers entering global markets for various reasons including competitive domestic market and expanding the business to attain higher revenues and establish a global brand. The analysis will focus on J&M Ltd which hopes to expand its business to the Middle East region. The paper will assess the investment environment, impacts of government interventionist policies, and the market potential. The author will also concentrate on the impact of regional integration initiatives and other issues with a clear identification of opportunities and threats in Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. It will further recommend the nation in which the business should enter initially and the reasons for it. It will also suggest the most appropriate market entry strategy with justification. Finally, the paper will summarize the analysis and provide recommendations to the research

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New Product Development at Starbucks: Context, Need, and Pricing

Starbucks’ success comes from the enduring popularity of its coffee and its strong marketing tactics. Its marketing strategies have turned coffee into an item that customers want to identify with. In the past few decades, the coffee roaster has grown from being a single store to multiples stores spread in many regions in the world. The enterprise has achieved this status through the rigorous use of multiple forms of media to build and maintain customer loyalty and create an enticing image of its coffee offers. This essay discusses a potential new food product for Starbucks. It first presents an overview of the defining features of Starbucks, its mission, and marketing strategy before it assesses the demographics of the target consumers and their preferences. While Starbucks does well in coffee roasting and serving, it could realize unforeseen gains by including a new food in its product mix

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The Impacts of Celebrity Life and Movies on Youth Fashion

Celebrities and fashion are everywhere among us. We see celebrities and fashion in the movies, television, magazines, news and posters. The movies and the celebrities are an inevitable part of human growth. During growth, we look up to the stars for a variety of reasons. Girls and young ladies look to the celebrities for inspirations of beauty and extravagant styles. Conversely, boys look to the celebrities for muscle growth and the keen fashion sense that the celebrities portray and own. The teens consequently aspire to be like their celebrity of choice. The celebrities significantly influence youth fashion since the celebrities signify an ideal beauty. The youth views the celebrities as displaying an amazing look everywhere they go. The youth and young population strive to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Celebrities are the highest influence of modern youth fashion. Often, youths meet their celebrities in movies, and they ensure they watch the movies regularly to keep up with the celebrities’ trend of fashion. The style is rapidly changing, and the youth must work harder to keep up. Youths must look to their celebrities for fashion to achieve the opinionated, good looks

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International Marketing Plan - Macro environment Analysis of India

International marketing is a combination of activities, institutions, taxes that go beyond country borders to deliver, communicate, and create goods and services of value to the customers. It also involves franchising, export, joint venture or foreign direct investment of an association’s item or service into other nations. This can be accomplished through exportation of an organization’s product into another country, or through a joint venture with another firm in the intended country, or directly investing in a foreign country of choice. According to American marketing Association, it is the process of developing and implementing the marketing idea, promotion, pricing, distribution of ideas, goods and services to enables trade that meets the needs of the customers and that of the organization. Daiso is one of the largest and oldest firms in Japan that deals with a variety of products. It largely deals with household products. Its uniqueness, variety, and quality of products enhance its wide market across the globe. This paper, therefore, intends to develop a market outline to facilitate Daiso market entry to India pref

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