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Marketing Essays

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Marketing Essays

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The Store as a Brand

One of the main aspects that determine the success of a retail store is its branding. This is what helps to improve the value of a company, and is a good way of retaining old shoppers and finding new ones. There are normally different retail stores within a particular location that may be selling the same kind of products, hence the branding of the store becomes an important factor determining the success of the business. In some situations, the store itself can be used as a brand in determining the success of the business. The aim of this paper is to critically analyze different literature that provide information on the store as a brand, and obtain lessons and a summary of the main things to consider when using the store and brand. This paper will also contain information on any aspects that may be missing or presented wrongly from the literature analyzed

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International Marketing, Assessment and Entry Strategies

Firms must conduct international marketing assessment to establish the most appropriate market and mode of entry. The entry mode remains a vital choice for all firms that are making a decision of expanding their organization to other undeveloped or developed states internationally. An organization considers entering global markets for various reasons including competitive domestic market and expanding the business to attain higher revenues and establish a global brand. The analysis will focus on the J&M Ltd which hopes to expand its business to the Middle East region. The paper will assess the investment environment, impacts of government interventionist policies, and the market potential. The author will also concentrate on the impact of regional integration initiatives and other issues with a clear identification of opportunities and threats in Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. It will further recommend the nation in which the business should enter initially and the reasons for it. It will also suggest the most appropriate market entry strategy with justification. Finally, the paper will summarize the analysis and provide recommendations to the research. Includes SWOT and PESTEL analyses

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The 8ps of Marketing Mix: Apple Company (iPhone 7)

The marketing mix that is adopted by any particular company determines whether the company will succeed or not. Marketing is very important for any company and therefore each company must make sound decisions when it comes to marketing. The sale and the profits of an organization depend on how the company makes important decisions in marketing such as the design of the products, its prices, the level of partnership, level of product promotion, the level of customers’ involvement among many other factors. There are eight important decisions that any company must make when designing the marketing strategy. These decisions concerns product, price, place, promotion, processes, physical evidence, people as well as partnerships. Apple Company has adopted good strategies regarding the eights items in the marketing of iPhones, and this has seen the product perform well in the market since its introduction in 2016. The profits from the product have been increasing every year, evidence of application of a good marketing plan. This report seeks to evaluate the marketing mix adopted by the company about the eight important decisions and then make recommendations that can help the company improve its marketing strategy further

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Marketing Plan Strategies Report for the Coca Cola Company

The research paper focuses on the marketing plan strategies used by the Coca Cola Company which was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton in Georgia. Since then, the company has improved and is now known famously for its flagship coca cola product. The paper focuses on the situational analysis for the company which analysis the customers’ behaviours and their preferences to products that the company produces. Company is another focus in the situation analysis where the study considers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the company has. These include recommendations of what the company needs to do in order to cover some of its weaknesses and methods to be followed in order to utilize the available opportunities while tackling some of the possible threats encountered by the company. PepsiCo is the major competitor of Coca Cola Company but through production of large number of brands and use of different methods of product promotion, the coca cola surpasses all of its competitors for over 5 years now and its performance is expected to continue hiking. SWOT, Situational, 4Ps Analysis

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Analysis of Amazon’s Marketing Strategies and Expansion Opportunities

Amazon is an US multinational company operating in Media, ecommerce and cloud business. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It was incorporated in 1994 by Jeff Bezos who is the current CEO of the company. Its initial focus was on selling books online, but later expanded their portfolio and started offering virtually everything online. Amazon also provides sellers a platform to list their products on the website. Sellers can also use Amazon’s warehouse for fulfilling their customer’s orders. Amazon now operates not only in ecommerce segment, but also in media segment and in cloud business (Amazon Web Services). Marketing Mix, PESTEL, Porters, SWOT Analysis

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Innocent Drinks Brand Marketing Strategy

Innocent drinks was created in 1999 by three young entrepreneurs (innocent, 1999) and has been 90% owned by The Coca-Cola Company since 2013. They produce smoothies, juices and veg pots which are sold in the UK and in a few European countries. The innocent drink brand values are healthy, natural, sustainable and ethically responsible. These values are reflected in their products, made exclusively with natural and sustainably sourced ingredients, with no added sugar and no concentrate, and whose 10% of profits go to charity. Innocent drinks communicate their brand values through above-the-line and below-the-line advertising by using subtle marketing techniques that seek to communicate the brand’s personality. According to de Chernatony, McDonald and Wallace (2013) core values are essential to defining the corporate brand identity and support the brand promise being made to the customer, and they guide internal and external brand building

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Psychographic Segmentation Of Luxury Goods

Market segmentation can be defined as the division of a market into smaller segments of buyers with distinct needs, characteristics or behaviours that might require separate marketing strategies or mixes. Psychographic segmentation is a mechanism of market segmentation that is utilised to divide the heterogeneous whole market into submarkets whereby each individual shares homogenous traits, socioeconomic statuses, personality or behavioural characteristics. The luxury goods industry is a market that consists of copious products that present themselves as being of superior quality and functionality in juxtaposition to competitors, while also attaining esteemed regard and a high perceived quality by consumers in the market

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Marketing Analysis on Red Bull Company

Red Bull was the first company to offer Energy Drinks throughout the world, creating a completely new category on the consumer beverage marketplace, therefore becoming synonymous with energy drinks for a large number of consumers. This new category of Energy Beverages is sold in over 169 countries worldwide, making Red Bull Energy Drink market extremely broad. The product Red Bull sells is of course the drink and as described above there are some variants, but in the essence it is all based on the traditional recipe of the energy drink. Red Bull offers the customer a refreshing beverage that includes various stimulants. However a big part of the product is the branding; e.g. the substance found in the cans of Red Bull might seem extremely similar to competitors, the brand name, including the iconic packaging, is what defines the product that is offered by Red Bull and creates value for the customer

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Marketing Management Energy Drink Industry

Managing and appraising the funds and activities of firm relates with the marketing management. In order to reduce the costs and increase the profitability of a firm, managing the marketing issues effectively is crucial. A start-up energy drink company has decided to launch their products. In this case, the United Kingdom (UK) environment will be considered to assess the internal and external environment of the new firm. With the help of different models like PEST, SWOT, Five Forces, etc. the firm’s internal and external issues as well as competitive factors will be assessed. A marketing plan will be developed considering the SMART objectives along with the 7P analysis of the firm. The energy drink industry is a competitive industry with giants like Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull, etc. operating in the industry. To formulate the marketing strategy of the start-up, a critical assessment of the marketing and promotional assessment of the giant firms will be conducted

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Cultural Influence on International Marketing

The era of globalization is here as economies are integrating with other economies, expanding and are exposing themselves to universal marketing decisions. Marketers in the international market need to understand that promotion of a product is adversely affected by cultural patterns in various countries. The demand trends for various products and choices of people depend on cultural values, customs, and tradition of a specific region. Culture is depicted entirely by the attributes and way of life of a particular group of people. This entails the way people speak, believes, their dressing styles, learning, attitudes values, and norms. Many factors are there which affects the marketing process for a product like economy, competition, target market, and budget but culture play an essential role on impacting consumer preference which was not seen as a critical element many years ago. Marketing processes relate to planning, product promotion to cope with cost control, maintaining quality and competition

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Ryanair Marketing Analysis

In 1985 with an investment of £1 and a workforce of 25. In July, the first route of the company was launched on a 15-seater Bandeirate aircraft. The aircraft operates daily from Waterford to London. Also, the Ryanair first cabin crew was not exceeding 5ft. 2 inches tall so has to ensure that the company works in a tiny cabin. Ryanair became a big company in the airline industry and is considered the Europe’s favorite airline. The company operates about 1,800 daily flights from 86 bases and approximately 1100 small ticket ways across 33 nations, which links to over 200 destinations, on a fleet of about 360 Boeing 737 airliner, with a further placed firm 305 Boeing 737’s on purchase, which will allow the company to lower fares and expand trade to 200 million customers by 2024. Currently, Ryanair has a crew of approximately 11,500 highly competent aviation experts serving Europe’s No.1 on time accomplishment, and expected to transport about 119 million customers in the recent financial year, an industry prominent 31 years safety record

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Airline Industry Marketing Environment

The airline industry provides travel services to its consumers through the use of aircraft. The consumers in this industry are the people who move from one place to another through the use of aircraft. The airlines supply these services and they make it easy for people to move from one country to another or from one area to another. It is the quickest place of transport and it involves moving people but also goods. It is especially important in moving the perishable goods and hence its importance to world trade. It is one of the means that has contributed greatly to globalization and its importance is observed in the tourism industry as through air transport, people can now easily move from one country to another. As with any other industry, the airline, airline companies experience a great competition as the companies are trying to outdo each other through application of successful strategies. Some of the airlines have formed alliances to enable them to survive in the current fierce competition

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Strategic Marketing Analysis – Walmart

Ever heard of innovative thinking, leadership through service and commitment to saving? Well, that is the true definition of Walmart. Wal-Mart Stores Inc is a multinational retailer. It offers a wide variety of goods and services in many countries around the globe. It is uniquely known for its low pricing techniques and exceptional human resources which have enabled the company to have a paradigm shift in the business world. In a bid to explore its marketing development strategy, Walmart is going international. This report is an entry plan for Walmart in the Saudi Arabian market as a hypermarket giant in full operation. The report seeks to investigate the various factors that influence the mode of entry of Walmart into the international market along with the potential barriers which may pose challenges during the expansion of the company. The report draws attention to the fact that Walmart is a large retailer and it operates around the world. In its marketing business context, the company uses segmentation, targeting and positioning as its marketing strategies so as to attract a pool of customers to its products and services. The segmentation includes psychographic and demographic segmentation of its customers. In addition, the company uses low pricing as a targeting and positioning technique. Walmart has been using advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and websites, sales promotion personal selling and public relations in the promotion of the products. It also offers in-store promotions such as special deals and discounts. The company offers intensive distribution strategy and sells through traditional stores and online. To maintain its public relations, Walmart uses the press release to inform the customers and the investors of its strategic plans, policies, and programs. The intensive marketing strategies used by the company are the market penetration and market development

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Qatar Airways Market Positioning

Qatar Airways is among the largest companies found in the Middle East, however, business has not been all rainbows and unicorns; there has been a stiff competition from other air companies from the region which have higher brand value. Some of the companies include Emirates, Fly Dubai and Etihad. To overcome the prevailing competition, Qatar Airways had to formulate and effectively implement strategies that aim at increasing their competitive advantage. Competitive advantage could be achieved through differentiation and brand positioning. By gaining competitive advantage, a firm ensures customers’ loyalty which ultimately boosts its revenue. It is in relation to this that Qatar Airways went back to the drawing board and came up with a niche differentiation strategy, offering affordable tickets and reducing its operational costs – something not done by other airline companies around the globe. Hence, this research paper, aims at analyzing how the Qatar Airways is position itself in the market to ensure dominance over other airline companies, particularly the paper focuses on how the company implemented affordable tickets strategy as a way of customer satisfaction and way of enhancing a good reputation. The strategy ensures that Qatar Airways differentiates itself from other airline companies and positions itself in the market in a strategic manner to ensure a wider market share

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Coca-Cola Brand Marketing Mix Standardization and Adaptation

This paper presents Coca-Cola Bottlers as the brand of study in the international market context. Coca-Cola Company was established in 1886 as a manufacturer and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage drinks in Atlanta, Georgia. By the 1900s it had attracted a very large market in the US and was already expanding into other 8 countries. Today, it is consumed in more than 200 nations worldwide with 230 different brands. It is an industrial leader in both product sales and marketing. 80% of the company’s profits come from its subsidiaries in the international market. Only 20% come from the headquarters, the US Coca-Cola Company Annual Report, 1998). Despite Coke having a massive global growth, it has continuously employed favorable and basic marketing strategies for simplicity; using simple slogans like “Enjoy”, “Happiness”, and “Taste the Feeling” which are easily memorable to the consumers. It also employs personalization as a positioning strategy with branches distributed in the 200 countries across the world. Socialization strategy through the Share a Coke campaign in the social media is another marketing tool used by Coca-Cola; strategic experience also plays a greater role in expanding the market for Coca-Cola brand

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Marketing Management and Leadership Practice in Starbucks

The purpose of the marketing report is to present the in-depth analysis of the Starbucks and this analysis identify its management and leadership models that have been developed within the past few years. This report discusses the situational analysis of the Starbucks which help to identify the major issues that are facing by Starbucks. For this, the overall marketing environment of the Starbucks will be examined which identify issues that are held within the macro and microenvironment. This examination is possible through using frameworks such as PESTLE, McKinsey 7s, Cultural Web, and Porter Five Forces. This report will discuss major issues of the organisation and provide a detail critically assess its importance and implication and then justify one issue and challenges related to leadership and management

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Fundamentals of International Management - Strategic Analysis of Toyota

The Toyota motor corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer having its headquarters located in Toyota, Aichi in Japan. The company was founded in the year 1937 by Kicchiro Toyoda as a spin-off of the company Toyota Industries to create an exclusive automobile segment. The first passenger car was created by Toyota Industries in the year 1934 called the Toyota AA and that was the beginning of a journey of success. It engages in the design, manufacture, assembly, and sale of passenger cars, minivans, commercial vehicles, and related parts and accessories primarily in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. It is the world’s market leader in sales of hybrid and electric vehicles, and is one of the largest companies to encourage the mass adoption of hybrid vehicles across the globe

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