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Analyse and Evaluate the Future of Photovoltaic's on Domestic Buildings in the UK (2009)

Ref: build0015

The technology for Photovoltaics is reliable, straight forward to install, and simple to maintain. It is also a technology in which the UK has considerable expertise. So why doesn’t PV have greater impact on the UK’s domestic buildings? What factors are stopping the use of such a capable and reliable technology? This dissertation aims to answer these questions. The dissertation also set out to see what other options are available in the UK for domestic building and review the cost and benefits of those technologies. The research has indicated that the poor Government support and the cost are the major factor that is preventing homeowner to install these technologies. The UK has the capacities to manufacture PV modules, but due to the high cost of installation in the UK, most of these manufactures tend to export the modules worldwide. Before PV can realise its full potential and become a common site on domestic building throughout the UK, the issues need to be addressed by our Government.

  • 10,000 words - 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of the subject area
  • Ideal for construction, arcitecture & building studies students
  • Excellent Dissertation

Aim and Objectives 
Outline Methodology of the Research
Individual Project Contents

Literature Review
What are Photovoltaics?
The History of Photovoltaics
The Current Status of PV in the UK
Installed Photovoltaic Power
Current Problems with Photovoltaic's   
Photovoltaic Production in the UK
Disincentives of Photovoltaic's
The Role of the UK Government

Other Micro-generation Technologies
What are Micro-generation Technologies?
Solar Hot Water
Micro Wind Turbines   
Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

Research Methodology
What is a Research Methodology?
Types of Research Methodology
Primary Data Collection
Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Secondary Data Collection
What is Appropriate for this Report?   

Case Studies
Analysis of Case Studies   
Buckinghamshire Home
Berkshire Village
Parsons Green   
Greenfields Development   

Limitations of the Research


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