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We strongly suggest that you read the following before placing your order. We remind customers that our dissertations are sold for sample purposes only, and that we neither endorse nor recommend the submission of any dissertation purchased from this site as a substitute for your own work.


All students are (or should be) aware of the seriousness of plagiarism. Chambers English Dictionary defines a plagiarist as one who “steals the thoughts or writings of others and gives them out as his own”. Plagiarism is a serious offence and will destroy your academic career. Accordingly, we would like to remind customers that dissertations purchased from Study-Aids should not be submitted as your own work, and that quotes and ideas taken from one of our dissertations should be referenced in line with standard academic practices. Failure to do so amounts to plagiarism.

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  • All dissertations offered for sale on this site are copyrighted www.study-aids.co.uk and should not be passed to third parties without our express written permission.
  • Under no circumstances should dissertations purchased from www.study-aids.co.uk be passed off as your own work and submitted as such.
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  • Quotes, passages, and ideas taken from our dissertations should be fully referenced in line with standard academic practices.
  • Due to the nature of the material and the medium by which it is transmitted, we regret that we are unable to provide refunds for any products purchased through Study-Aids.
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