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Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Are They Made? (2008)

Ref: busman0043

The aim of this study is to develop and support previous theory as well as answer the question Are Entrepreneurs Born or Are They Made? In progressing this, the author researched into a variety of different sources including both primary and secondary data. The secondary information led the author to comprise a number of different hypotheses where the primary research was then focused. The research concluded that entrepreneurs are mainly born rather than made, stating that entrepreneurial characteristics are more visible in the entrepreneur‟s personality in comparison to others. The findings portray this general understanding but also states for these results to be completely reliable then further research may be needed.

  • 11,000 words – 65 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for business and enterprise student
  • Includes questionnaire

1 – Introduction
Focus of Study
Aims and Objectives

2 – Literature Review
Entrepreneurs Defined
Can we define the entrepreneur’s characteristics?
A more sociological approach to entrepreneurship
Impetus for entrepreneurship characteristics
Impetus for Entrepreneurship
Situational Characteristics
Can we teach entrepreneurship?
Are Entrepreneurs born or made?

3 – Methodology
Research Methods
Quantitative vs. Qualitative
Primary vs. Secondary
Self Completion Questionnaire
Questionnaire Development
Semi Structured Interview
Sample Group
Ethical Issues

4 – Findings and Analysis
Initial Findings
Hypotheses Testing
Hypothesis 1
Hypothesis 2
Hypothesis 3
Hypothesis 4
Hypothesis 5
Questionnaire Summary
Interview Summary

5 – Synthesis
Hypothesis 1
Hypothesis 2
Hypothesis 3
Hypothesis 4
Hypothesis 5

6 – Conclusions
Recall of Objectives
Investigation Findings
Limitations of the Study
Recommendations for Further Research



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