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Expectations and Perceptions of Consumers in the Banking Industry: The Case of NatWest

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Nowadays, there is intense competition in the world economy. In this competition, the service sector becomes more and more important when considering the standardisation and globalisation of the products. This may be the reason that many studies investigate the service sector. Most of these studies aim to evaluate the quality of service through comparing customers’ expectations and perceptions. This is because there is a relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and service loyalty. In fact, the satisfaction and loyalty of customers are factors enabling service providers achieve successes. From this point of view, the expectations and perceptions of customers to the service quality are determined as the core of a marketing channel. To evaluate this core, a measurement of expectations and perceptions of customers needs to be implemented. However, according to different core characteristics of services, each service sector can apply different methods to measure quality in order to have the best solution to convey to consumer, attracting more customers and encouraging loyalty.

  • 12,000 words - 58 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for Business, Marketing & Finance students

1: Introduction
Background of the research  
Research aims and objectives  
Rationale for the research  
Outline of the research 
2: Literature Review  
The importance of service quality  
Measuring service quality  
3: Research Methodology  
The aims and objectives of research  
Research approach  
Research philosophy  
Deductive or inductive approach  
Research design
Data collection method  
Secondary data  
Primary data  
Survey design  
Sampling considerations  
Sampling techniques  
Sample size  
Questionnaire design  
Data analysis  
Limitation of research  
4: Company Background  
Company background  
5: Findings and Discussion  
Consumer expectation of Banks’ service quality  
Consumer perception of NatWest’s’ quality of service  
Gap between Expectations and Perceptions of customers  
6: Conclusion   
Summary of key findings  
Direction for future research  
Appendix Section


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