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A Study of FTSE100 Companies’ Share Price Reactions to Earnings Announcements (2008)

Ref: fin0012

The academic area under investigation provided in this study by the author is the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). The challenging environment built through various academic prospects in this broad area tempted the author to investigate through a limited time frame observational study the validation of EMH in the London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 index of companies quarterly positive earnings announcements and to whether share prices conform with EMH examining also indications of any anomalies (over/under-reaction). Through the study, previous implications made by various academics as to the theoretical background of the area, have been considered and interpreted. Findings from previous studies were examined and compared with the findings of this study as an attempt to make more solid the evidence provided through the analysis in conjunction with the theoretical background of the area.
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1: Introduction
Theoretical basis
Structure of Study

2: Literature Review
The Random Walk Theory
Efficient Market Hypothesis
Weak Form Efficient Market Hypothesis
Semi-Strong Form Efficient Market Hypothesis
Strong Form Efficient Market Hypothesis
Conflicting Literature on EMH
Stock Anomalies
Behavioural Finance
Event Studies

3: Methodology
Philosophical Basis
General Objectives
Deductive Research-Testing Theory
Structured Observation
Quantitative Research
Secondary data
The Data Sample
Event Study and Procedures
Limitations of Study

4: Analysis of Findings
First stage of Analysis
Second Stage of Analysis-Further Investigation
Overreaction and Under-reaction Analysis

5: Conclusion
Theoretical background
Methodology and Findings of Analysis
Further Study



Appendix Section

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