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Causes of Asian Financial Crisis - Weak Fundamentals or Investors’ Panic

Ref: fin0024

This paper seeks to identify the primary cause of the Asian Financial Crisis in each of the 6 Asian economies that are covered, taking into account the unique circumstances in each country. This will be done by logistic regression, providing empirical evidence to discriminate between the two hypotheses: Weak Fundamentals or Investors’ Panic. Real exchange rate, international reserves, money supply and GDP are selected over many other variables as the leading variables of the model. The results show that in Indonesia, Korea and Thailand, weak fundamentals were the key cause of the Asian Financial Crisis, whereas Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore suffered due to investors’ panic. Critique of the model is anticipated and then, addressed. This study shall then recommend policy reforms for each country, differing, according to the situation in each economy.
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1. Introduction
Research Objective

2. Literature Review
Weak Fundamentals
Investor Panic
Hypothesis Testing

3. Methodology
Past Crises
Select Independent Variables
Current Account
Capital Account
Financial Sector
Fiscal Sector
Data Quality
Crisis Identifier
Current Account: Real Exchange Rate
Capital Account: International Reserves
Financial Sector: Money Supply
Fiscal Sector: GDP
Correlation Analysis

4. Results

5. Critique

6. Policy Reforms
Weak Fundamentals
Investors’ Panic

7. Conclusion

8. References

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