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An Investigation on the Evolution of Social Networking Websites

Ref: ict0035

The Internet supports social interaction that is scalable from two-way conversation to the creation of a global online social network. Internet users indicate an increasing enthusiasm to create a persistent digital identity that enables long-term social interaction. Internet enabled communication is possible on many levels: synchronous versus asynchronous; anonymous versus authenticated; text versus multimedia; individual versus group; mobile versus situated. Internet users switch among modes, often within the same conversation. The Internet can operate as a multi-modal, continuously open channel for social contact and connectivity. As recently as 2000, stand-alone tools supported these various communication modes. Email was separate from instant messaging and blogging. Sharing photos first required the creation of a static web page with HTML tags referencing each picture file, followed by an e-mail exposing its location. Functionality was needed to really support ongoing conversations across multiple modes. It is more rational with the nature of human communication to organize communication by contact, rather than by tool. An integrated solution with persistent identities for conversation partners and multiple communication modes intensifies the ability to maintain continuous social connectivity. 
  • 11,000 words - 55 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for computing students

1: Introduction

2: Background and Literature Review
Relationship and Social Networks
The Internet ¨Paradox¨
A comparison of Facebook and MySpace
The Social Software Performance Model
Emotional Experience on Facebook
Privacy Implications When Using Facebook
Contemporary Literature

3: Method

4: Analysis

5: Conclusion
Reflection of Study
Future Development



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