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The aim of the dissertations is to highlight what current strategies are in place for businesses to combat with consumers neglecting their products. Therefore the results from this researcher will help to create a working strategic model in which companies can implement in order to help them combat and encourage consumers to purchase more regularly from them. 
The research objectives are as follows:
  1. To give an industry breakdown on the fashion industry
  2. To clarify how loyal customers are to purchasing clothing
  3. To explore the range of societal influences and the effects they have on consumer purchasing decisions
  4. To examine what strategies organisations currently have to combat brand neglection
  5. To build a strategic model which business can implement in order to combat fashion brand rejection
  6. To highlight future strategies which brands and businesses can use in order to gain more customers

  • 20,000 words – 140 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent in depth analysis
  • Includes full questionnaire
  • Excellent piece of work

1 - Introduction
Research Aim
Research Objectives

2 - Fashion Industry
Structural Analysis
Fashion Industry Size & Structure
Current Market Trends
Organisational Breakdown
Clothing Specialists
Department & Variety Stores
Home Shopping
Sports Shops
Textiles Specialists & Others
Anti Brand Boycotting
What is Anti Globalisation
Fashion Industry Size & Structure (revisited)

3 - Literature Review
An Overview
History of Branding
An Overview of Branding
Brand Recognition
Brand Loyalty
Brand Equity & Loyalty
Brand Life Cycle
Brand Rejuvenation

4 - Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Hypotheses
Research Strategies
Benefits of Using a Case Study Approach
Research Methods
Secondary Research
Methods of Secondary Research
Advantages of Secondary Data
Primary Research
Primary Research Objectives
Exploratory Research
Descriptive Research
Primary Data collection Methods
Questionnaire Rationale
Consumer Questionnaire
Sample Frame for Interviews
Sample Frame for Business Questionnaire
Sample Frame for Consumer Questionnaire
Advantages & Disadvantages of Primary Research

5 - Findings & Analysis
A Brief Recap
Analysis of Business Interviews
Consumer Questionnaire
The Use of Chi Squared
Chapter Summary

6 - Conclusions

7  - Personal Reflection & Limitations
Research Process Reflection
Researchers Personal Development
Ideas for Future Development
Final Summary



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