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The Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing: To what Extent Does David Lloyd Currently Use Relationship Marketing in its Member Retention Programme (2010)

Ref: market0060

The essential theory behind relationship marketing is that it is far more beneficial for organisations to focus their resources on nurturing existing customer relationships, rather than on trying to attract new customers. This sense of nurturing instils a mutual sense of loyalty between customer and firm, thereby aiding retention levels. The theory behind relationship marketing will be applied to David Lloyd, and ultimately it is hoped that this will result in improved levels of member retention. The basis of the dissertation revolves around three key research questions below that have been compiled in order to maximise the effectiveness of the research. Once the research has been undertaken, the results will be analysed. It is hoped that by combining the analysis of the results with the literature covered, suitable and accurate answers will be compiled for each research question.
  1. To what extent does David Lloyd, Aspley currently use Relationship Marketing in its member retention programme?
  2. To what extent is David Lloyd, Aspley aware of the reasons for members exiting the organisation?
  3. How might Relationship Marketing be used to improve member retention at David Lloyd, Aspley?
  • 13,000 words – 68 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes Interview transcripts
  • Ideal for marketing and business students

1. Introduction   
Context and Introduction to David Lloyd, Aspley   
Hierarchy of Power at David Lloyd, Aspley   
Research Questions                       
Dissertation Map

2. Introduction to The Literature               
Customer Exit                       
Barriers to Exit                       
Insight into Relationship Marketing           
Customer Relationship Management           
Customer Relationship Management and Relationship Marketing in Practice           
The Relevance of the Literature to David Lloyd, Aspley                       
Conceptual Framework

3. Introduction to the Proposed Research
Introduction to Qualitative Research between Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Data Collection and Methods
Interviews and Focus Groups
Interviews: Who, How, Where, How Many, and Why
Former Members
Current Members
Potential Problems in the Research

4. Introduction to the Analysis               
Analysis of Research Question One       
Key Findings of the Research       
Conclusion of Research Question One   
Analysis of Research Question Two       
Key Findings of the Research           
Conclusion of Research Question Two   
Analysis of Research Question Three       
Key Findings of the Research           
Conclusion of Research Question Three

5. Final Conclusion                       
Recommendations for Future Research       
Future Research Topic


Appendic Sections

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