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A Study on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the UK Mobile Phone & Network Industry (2012)

Ref: market0064

Today, the use of mobile phones has become very commonplace amongst every age group of the population, almost every individual possesses his or her personal mobile phone, it makes easier to communicate and stay in touch with your closed ones. The research has been conducted to identify the facts related to the mobile phone and network companies operating in the market of U.K. it will be investigated how important is customer satisfaction and loyalty is for the organizations and how they seek to measure it and bring improvements to keep their customers satisfied encourage them to make purchases from your company for lifetime. Research has been done thoroughly about customer satisfaction in relation to mobile and network industry in U.K. the data has been gathered through both primary and secondary research and the data has also been collected in both qualitative and quantitative forms. For gathering the raw data managers from different service provider companies were surveyed specifically Vodafone and o2 to know about their views and strategies on how they are struggling to retain their customers and influence them to purchase from their company and persuade them to not to purchase or switch to the competitors’ products. The research revealed that for any organization customers are extremely vital, as they are ones who make sales and generate revenues for the firms. For the survival of the company in the industry it is essential to satisfy the customers and meet their expectations willingly for which employees of the company must also be motivated.  
  • 20,000 words – 84 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for marketing and business students

1: Introduction
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Mobile Phone and Network Industry In U.K.
Research Question
Aims and Objectives

2: Literature Review
Levels of Customers
Importance of Customer Satisfaction
Why Measure Customer Satisfaction
Building Customer Loyalty
Importance of Customer Loyalty
Improving Customer Satisfaction
Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

3: Research Methodology
Positivism and Phenomenology
Inductive and Deductive Research
Types of Data
Research Ethics
Types of Research

4: Results and Analysis

5: Discussion

6: Conclusion and Recommendations




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