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Prevalence of Schizophrenia in Urban Regions

Ref: nursing0004

A comparative systematic review of worldwide-published research comparing the incidences of psychoses in urban and rural geographical regions is crucial in determining a major contributor to an illness that affects many people throughout the world. This comparative systematic review collates current existing studies from 2001–2006.  Many scholarly narrative reviews regarding the prevalence of psychoses have been published in recent years.  The large amount of data available on this topic requires a systematic approach. The systematic approach examines and evaluates the quality and effectiveness of studies as a whole, instead of the more singular traditional reviews.  This will provide healthcare practitioners quality information that is effective and crucial in speaking the patient’s language, understanding their culture and perception, which leads to providing the best treatment for their patients  Therefore, this review of existing current studies dated between the years 2001 – 2006 was conducted in order to; 
  1. Examine the causes, risks, and contributing factors of psychoses
  2. Examine the prevalence rates of psychosis in urban regions versus rural regions
  3. Evaluate the methodological quality of the included systematic reviews

  • 17,000 words - 80 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Excellent piece of work
  • Ideal for health and psychology students

1) Executive Summary
Methods and Findings
2) Background
3) Review Methods
Study Selection (Included/Excluded)
Data Extraction
Use of Sequential Filters
Ethics in Research
4) Results of Searches
5) Literature Review
Historical Overview
Positive and Negative Symptoms
6) Characteristics of the Studies
Age at Onset and Sex Ratio
Ethnicity and Race
Alcohol and Drugs
Birth Order and Siblings with Psychosis
Schizophrenia and Urbanicity
The Urban Community
Level of Psychotic Symptoms:  An Urban-Rural Comparison
Quality of Life in Urban and Rural Patients
7) Quality of the Studies
8) Results
9) Discussion
10) Summary and Conclusions
11) Recommendations for Future Research
12) References

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