Establish The Extent In Which Main Contractors Are Trying To Avoid The Adjudication Process (2007)

This Dissertation focuses on Adjudication Process Avoidance. There has been growing dissatisfaction, for some years, with litigation and arbitration as a means of settling construction disputes, and increasingly parties have been turning to adjudication. This trend was given a major impetus by the introduction of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and the Scheme for Construction Contracts, which resulted in statutory adjudication being introduced in most of the main building standard forms.

This dissertation therefore surveys the growth of adjudication in detail by discussing the Act and its effect on adjudication and construction contracts considering both procedural and legal issues. This report will consider initial reactions from the industry, and discuss how it has become widely recognized as the most effective method of dispute resolution. However, this rapid increase in demand has also had an adverse effect on the process as it clearly highlights the problems over its effectiveness.

The purpose of this report is therefore to review the doubts within adjudication from the perspective of the main contractor and offer solutions as to the way forward.

  • 15,000 words- 88 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good use of case study analyses
  • Ideal for construction and building studies students

1 – Aim, Objectives and Hypothesis
Key Question

2 – The Act And Its Implementation (Objective 1)
Before the Introduction of the Act
The Introduction of the Act
Adjudication within the Act
The Principles of Adjudication
The Decision

3 – Adjudication: Reactions to Date And Users Of The Process (Objective 2)
Background to Adjudication
Main Users of the Process

4 – Has Adjudication Fulfilled The Aims Set By Sir Michael Latham? (Objective 3)
Advantages of Adjudication
Disadvantages involved in Adjudication

5 – Flaws Within The Process (Objective 4)
Flaws that cause Contractors to avoid the Process:
The Performance of an Adjudicator
Ambush and Time
Final and Conclusive
Costs of Taking Claims of to Adjudication

6 – Avoidance Tactics Used By The Main Contractor (Objective 5)
Dissatisfaction Procedures
Costs and Fees

7 – Methodology
Purpose of Research
Research Programmer
Research Methods
Sample Population

8 – Presentation Of Results
How the Results were obtained
Presentation of Results:
Awareness and Aims of Adjudication
Flaws with Adjudication that have led to avoidance
Avoidance tactics used by Main Contractor

9 – Discussion Of Results
Discussion of Results:
Awareness and Aims of Adjudication
Flaws with Adjudication that have led to avoidance
Avoidance tactics used by Main Contractor

10 – Conclusions
Aims of Adjudication and Comparisons
Flaws that cause Main Contractors in avoiding the process
Avoidance tactics used by the Main Contractor
Success of Adjudication to date
Key Question: Establish the extent in which main contractor are trying to avoid the adjudication process
Limitations to the Research
Areas of further Research


Appendix Section
Investigation Techniques
Case Studies
Covering Letter
Overview of Results in Graphical Form

Adjudication Process Contractors Construction Dissertation
Adjudication Process Contractors Construction Dissertation

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