An Analysis Into The Impact Of HMO Legislation (2008)

HMO Legislation Dissertation – In recent years the housing market has seen an increase in the private rented sector, in part fueled by the increasing trend of buy to let. Buy to let has emerged largely as a result of individuals buying a second property to rent with the intention that it will supplement their pension. This strategy certainly seemed a prudent one in the infancy of ‘buy to let’ however the influx in the available stock of private rented properties, and the ongoing hike in interest rates has left some landlords struggling to break even on their investments.

This factor may be one that contributes to the expanding number of overcrowded HMO’s as landlords over rent their property in order to get a higher rental income. The HMO legislation under the Housing Act is a key piece of legislation controlling the private rented sector, it contains a number of measures that aim to protect the most vulnerable in society from sub standard living arrangements as well as creating a fairer housing market for landlords and tenants of residential property.

The HMO legislation under the Housing Act was devised to strengthen the government’s drive to meet its 2010 decent homes target. With the increasing numbers of people needing rented accommodation in recent years it is clear that the current legislation concerning aspects of health and safety needed to be revised. The revised housing act came into force in April 2006 with the introduction of much tighter restrictions on HMOs.

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1. Introduction
Background information
Definition of an HMO
The purpose of the Housing Act
Aims and objectives
Literature review
Survey questionnaire
Analysing the data from the questionnaires

2. Literature Review
History of legislation in the Private Rented Sector
Composition of the UK housing sector
House prices and economic situation
Emergence of buy-to-let

3. Summary of the HMO Legislation
The new HMO legislation
Cost of licensing and consequences for non – compliance
Public reaction to the HMO legislation
Conclusions of the Literature Review

4. Data collection
The Sample
Response Rate
Allowing for bias
Survey results
Summary of questionnaire results
Percentage per question results
Graph to show overall results summary

5. Data Analysis
Landlord Interviews

6. Conclusions



HMO Legislation Dissertation
HMO Legislation Dissertation

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