An Investigation on How Effective Strategic Partnering is within the UK Construction Industry (2009)

In this dissertation, the Author has investigated how effective Strategic Partnering is within the UK Construction Industry and whether partnering represents the most significant development to date as a means of improving project performance. It will examine the current relationships between the main contractor and the client, and whether win-win solutions occur for both parties.

To evaluate the effectiveness of partnering within the UK Construction Industry, a literature review was conducted to determine and establish the details of the topic area. This showed that there were problems within the industry, many reports highlighted change as a way forward, and partnering was highlighted as an option. Partnering was not a new concept; having defined the concept, the strength and weaknesses of partnering were assessed to develop the aims and objectives established within the dissertation.

Interviews were then conducted with two respondents and their responses analysed in conjunction with the aims and objectives. The respondents seemed to embrace the partnering concept; they understood the ideas behind partnering and the objectives that were to be achieved. There were differences of opinion on several partnering concepts and the definition of partnering itself and the way forward.

It is for this reason and the findings of this dissertation that the author feels that partnering is a way forward within the construction industry, but it will take time. The partnering relationship will develop but there are many hurdles and parties need to develop trust and understanding to fully benefit from the successes of partnering.

  • 15,000 words – 90 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of data
  • Good case study analysis
  • Ideal for construction, property and building studies students

Background to Partnering
Principles of Partnering
Partnering Concept Theory
Aims and Objectives
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Ethical Considerations
Exclusions, Reservations, limitations and Constraints
Contents and Brief Methodology Description
Contents of paper
Introduction to The Research Methodology

Literature Review
The Definition of Partnering
Strength and Weaknesses of Partnering

Case Study Review
Case Study Methodology
Questions and Answers

Case Study and Literature Review
Concept of partnering
Strength and Weaknesses of partnering

Conclusions and Recommendations
The Objectives
Limitations of The Research
Personal Recommendations
Further Research



Strategic Partnering within the UK Construction Industry Dissertation
Strategic Partnering within the UK Construction Industry Dissertation

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