A Comparative Analysis into the Application of Timber Frame and Masonry Construction (2010)

Timber Frame and Masonry Construction Dissertation – There are many discussions in the construction industry arguing which is the best method of construction, timber framed or masonry. This report will contain comparisons of both methods of construction and try and summarize what is the best solution of construction. Topics such as the history and present of the particular methods, the descriptions of both construction methods, areas of concern of both methods are going to be covered in this report.

This topic has been chosen due to my personal interest in the construction industry. The world is considering all the methods of construction being sustainable. Members from the timber and masonry industry are trying to make the materials and processes more sustainable and make minimum impact on the environment. This is very important because as time is going by, more and more people are considering the sustainable option and the competitions will be high between industries if the standards are not met.

This topic will be researched mainly from secondary information from articles and other literature written by individuals and specialists from both the particular industries. There are going to be limitations in the research due to members from the individual construction sectors will only support their methods. The aim for this intensive study is to evaluate which is more sustainable, timber frame or masonry construction. Dissertation objectives;

  • List the processes of how the buildings are made from the two different construction processes
  • Compare the areas of concern and benefits of how the buildings are made from the two different construction processes
  • To obtain professional views on timber frame and masonry construction from literature
  • Analyze the information and formulate a summary on which method of construction is beneficial, timber frame or masonry construction
  • 11,000 words – 55 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of the subject area
  • Ideal for construction, architecture and building studies students

Reason of chosen topic
Introduction of both methods of construction

Research Methodology
Introduction to Methodology
Primary Data Collection
Quantitative and Qualitative research
Estate Agents
Secondary Data Collection

Literature Review
Main Body
Past and Present
Timber frame
History of timber frame
Timber frame in present day
History of masonry construction
Masonry construction in present day

Methods of Construction
Timber frame construction
Platform frame
Balloon frame
Post and beam
Modern braced frame
Masonry construction
Cavity Wall
Reinforced concrete

Areas of Concern on Both Construction Methods
Advantages of timber framed construction
Advantages of masonry construction
Disadvantages of timber framed construction
Disadvantages of masonry construction
Carbon emissions and Green issues
Timber frame
Timber frame
Acoustics in timber framed and masonry construction
Timber framed
Site control, delivery and storage
Timber framed
Case Studies
Sigma Home
Osborne House
Cobtun house
Greatorex Street
Lambourne – Sheepdrove Biodiversity Centre

Main Body
Further areas of Research


Timber Frame and Masonry Construction Dissertation
Timber Frame and Masonry Construction Dissertation

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