An Analysis into the Government’s Recent Implementation of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) And Its Impact on the Rental Property Market (2011)

This final year dissertation mulls over the government’s recent implementation of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) and its impact on the rental property market. A critical review of literature is included in chapter 2 of the dissertation. The review is structured into 11 different sections including; 1) Introduction, 2) Climate change, 3) Conventions and Protocols, 4) European Climate Change Programme, 5) Stern review, 6) Home Information Packs (HIP’s), 7) Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), 8) Political opinions, 9) Property professional opinions, 10) Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s), 11) Criticisms of DEC’s. The literature review highlights the key issues leading up to the implementation of the EPC as well as evaluating benefits and limitations.

Primary research was carried out with the aid of questionnaires as well as interviews. The questionnaires were used to obtain tenants views on EPCs. The interviews were semi-structured and conducted with professional members of the rental property market. The results of the questionnaire demonstrated a general lack of awareness of EPCs. The data collected from the interviews underlined key issues and concerns that had arisen with the introduction of EPCs.

The aim of the dissertation is to investigate and consider the following:

  • Public awareness and opinion on the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
  • The reaction of the rented property market surrounding the implementation of the EPCs

The Objectives of the dissertation is to investigate and consider the following:

  • To determine the extent of landlords and tenants awareness of the recent introduction of EPC
  • To determine the personal opinions of landlords and tenants on the implications of the EPC
  • To analyse the reasons that had lead to the implementation of the EPC
  • To evaluate common criticisms associated with the implementation of the EPC legislation

  • 13,000 words – 75 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of the subject area
  • Ideal for construction, architecture and building studies students
  • Excellent Dissertation
  • Includes questionnaire

1 – Introduction
Background Information

2 – Literature Review
Climate Change
Conventions and Protocols
European Climate Change Programme
Home Information Packs
Stern Review and Climate Change Act 2008
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
Political Opinions
Property Professional Opinions
Display Energy Certificates (DEC)
Criticisms of DEC’s

3 – Research Design
Data collection
Primary data collection
Secondary data collection
Quantitative data collection
Questionnaire Design and delivery Method
Qualitative data collection
Interview Conditions and delivery method
Method Combination
Method of Analysis

4 – Results and Data Analysis
Questionnaire Results and Analysis
Major Findings
Energy efficiency
Analysis of Interviews
Time Limit
Energy Ratings

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Limitations of the Research
Recommendations for further research



Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) - Construction Dissertation
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) – Construction Dissertation

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