Difficulties in Implementing Lean Construction in The UK (2012)

Implementing Lean Construction in the UK Dissertation – Eighteen years after the initial thoughts of adapting and transferring lean production to a new way of managing construction and since numerous attempts to define a suitable lean construction process from academics and government bodies’ lean construction is yet to be fully utilised in the UK. There have been a multitude of reasons identified for the difficulties in implementing lean construction practice in the UK ranging from the unique nature of the industry to personnel issues.

At this point in the evolution of lean construction it is necessary to evaluate these problems and attempt to nullify them in order to progress to widespread implementation. By examining the perspectives of selected industry professionals the feasibility of successfully remedying the most significant problems can subsequently be determined. A survey questionnaire was created to establish the views of a variety of construction professionals with differing positions, experience and companies.

The survey was aimed at determining the participant’s views on the problems with lean construction implementation in terms of personnel compatibility with the concept, waste frequencies and source identification as well as perspectives on removing those wastes. The research carried out revealed that construction industry professionals believe that they know several concepts of lean construction but display little experience in their use.

Additionally the study demonstrated proficiency in identifying wastes and their causes. The majority of the industry is willing to adopt continuous improvement processes but consider their subordinates to be less enthused. The paper also provides recommendations for future research.

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1. Introduction
Introduction and General Context
Historical Changes
Current Issues
Main Research Problem and Aim

2. Fragmentation
Construction Industry’s One-of-a-kind Nature
New Initiatives and Proposed Changes

3. Resistance to Change
Problems with Practice

4. Waste Identification
Forms and Causes of Waste
Waste Elimination

5. Contested Definition
Contested Definition
Lean Construction Theory
Alternative Definitions
Difficulties in Reaching a Common Definition

6. Research Methodology

7. Data Analysis and Interpretation
Respondents Job Position
Respondents Experience
Respondents Project Types
Respondents Knowledge and Experience of ‘Lean’ Activities
Implementation Barriers
Compatibility of Lean Principles
Waste Frequencies
Waste Causes

8. Conclusions and Recommendations
Research Findings
Research Limitations
Recommendations for Future Work



Implementing Lean Construction in the UK Dissertation
Implementing Lean Construction in the UK Dissertation

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