Has The Construction Design Management Regulations Made An Impact In UK Construction Industry Projects? (2012)

The aims are to address the difference in the Health and Safety Executives statistics, before and after the introduction of the Construction Design Management regulations. Assessing the impact, the CDM regulations have had on the Construction Industries generally poor safety culture. To gain a clear understanding of the Construction Design Management, how they are designed to improve safety, from the start of projects.

An understanding of what causes accidents and why they occur is critical in identifying if the CDM Regulations have contributed to the reduction in accidents and deaths. The construction industry is notorious for the large amount of accidents and deaths that happen in the industry every year. Since 1995 there has been a reduction of accidents and deaths in conjunction with the Construction Design Management regulations coming into force.

The aim is to gain an understanding of the CDM Regulations and from this identify if these regulations have been the turning point, in the reduction of accidents and deaths. The research was carried out through the means of a literature review, utilising past findings with statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive. Data was collated through interviews with those working in the construction industry.

The literature review and data analysis were compared and delivered the conclusion that the Construction Design Management regulations have reduced the number of accidents and deaths. In doing so the regulations have created a divide in the industry, depending on the organisations size and role.

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1. Introduction
Accidents and Risks
Health and Safety Executive
Key Issues
Research Aims
Research Objectives

2. Health and Safety History in the UK
Health and Safety Executive Publications
What is Health and Safety?
What causes the accidents?

3. Construction Design and Management Regulations
CDM Coordinators
Preventing Accidents

4. Key Issues
Successful Projects
Success or Failure?
The Literature Review Conclusion

5. Research Methods
Aims and Objectives
Types of Data
Quantitative Research
Techniques of Data Collection
Research Method Decision
Research Method Conclusion

6. Data Collection and Analysis
Interview Backgrounds
Interview Findings
CDM Regulations
CDM Coordinators
Have the CDM Regs affected Safety?
Education of Workers

7. Conclusions, Limitations and Recommendations
Key Issues
Research Aims
Research Objectives
Research Findings
Research Limitations
Research Recommendations

Appendix Section


Construction Design Management Regulations in UK Construction Dissertation
Construction Design Management Regulations in UK Construction Dissertation

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