The Relationship between Sustainability and Financial Performance of Commercial Real Estate (2011)

Sustainability and Financial Performance of Commercial Real Estate Dissertation – This dissertation seeks to further understanding of the potential and actual links between sustainability of office real estate and their financial performance. The study is undertaken by using qualitative literature and research review analysis. In order to supplement existing evidence case studies and interviews with key stakeholders were conducted to gather the most sufficient and up to date information from the real estate office market in Edinburgh.

Whilst some recent research based on the US property market is beginning to link value and energy performance there is no such evidence in the UK. The only research conducted in the UK (IPD, 2010) showed a discount from sustainable features of about 3% on return. The authors of these studies, however, acknowledge that the evidence is still tenuous and there is a lack of any substantive evidence pointing to any firm relationship between sustainability and value.

Findings of case studies based on Edinburgh office market examined the importance of sustainability in the criteria applied to office letting. Findings revealed no rental differential and that, whilst sustainability is on the ‘nice to have’ list, other traditional criteria were found to be of greater importance. This is not to say that the relationship is unfounded, although the link between sustainability and financial performance is not yet clearly evident there are obvious signs suggesting that the sustainable office properties are more attractive to prospective tenants that their conventional counterparts. Therefore, it is expected that as the market for sustainable real estate mature the relationship will develop and stronger evidence will emerge.

  • 10,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
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  • Good analysis of the subject area
  • Includes interview transcripts
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1. Introduction
Aim and Objectives

2. Literature Review
Relationship between Sustainability and Value
What is Sustainability and what are Sustainable Buildings?
Rating Systems
Barriers to Realising Value of Sustainable Real Estate
Summary of Theoretical Studies

3. Analysis
Research Review
Summary of Secondary Findings
Case Study Review
The Cube
The Exchange Place

4. Conclusions

Appendix Section


Sustainability and Financial Performance of Commercial Real Estate Dissertation
Sustainability and Financial Performance of Commercial Real Estate Dissertation

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