To What Extent does the KYOTO Protocol Impact and Influence the UK Construction Industry? (2012)

KYOTO Protocol and the UK Construction Industry Dissertation – The age of life buildings are long and it can take several years for issues of performance to come to light, through which time the actual planners have long shifted on and the chance to identify from practise is lost. Additionally, the aggressive and adversarial style of UK construction restrains the dissemination of building performance knowledge. Therefore, the industry of construction in 2010 is usually still presenting buildings that are little excellent in actual terms of performance than they were in the 1990s.

The goal of UK currently is to obtain 80% reduction in emissions of carbon through 2050. The current building stock account for 45% of CO2 emissions and it has been approximated that 80% of the structures that we will be occupying in 2050 have currently been built. The scale of the dispute in decreasing fossil fuel dependence in the constructed natural environment is huge and will need both productive principle and a spectacular boost in abilities and perception amidst the building professions.

The fast stride of change in the guideline of construction power presentation has currently conceived marvelous difficulties for the building commerce and the suggested acceleration of regulatory change in the direction of none carbon new structures by 2020 will only broaden the gulf between determined Government principle and the proficiency of the commerce to deliver. The requirement for a fundamental overhaul in learning and perform in the building commerce is pressing and irrefutable. The alterations essential to accomplish sustainable development in our constructed natural environment will be far coming to into localities of principle, investment, procurement perform and management.

However, except we equip the commerce with the basic abilities that will permit it to conceive, form and assemble authentically effective structures, then the transition to a reduced carbon finances easily will not occur. Dissertation objectives;

  • Since the adoption of the KYOTO Protocol 1997 which came into force on 16th of February 2005, the objective will be to identify the key measures introduced by the UK government to the UK construction industry to tackle climate change i.e. legislation, approved guidance, best code of practice etc.
  • Assess the current state of play, and ascertain to see whether or not the industry is on track to meet government targets.
  • Evaluate current perceptions and attitudes of various professional’s within the construction industry on climate change.
  • Highlight any key changes that are necessary within the industry that is of utmost important to tackle climate change.

  • 13,000 words – 42 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of the subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for building studies and construction students

1 – Introduction
Research Questions

2 – Literature Review
Reduce Energy Use in New Housing
Climate Change
Controlling Energy Use and Co2 Emissions
Zero Carbon Consultation
Low Carbon Study by Innovation and Growth Team
Carbon in the Built Environment
UK Construction Industry Response to Carbon Reduction Policies to Date
Kyoto Protocol
Key issues moving forward relating to material resource efficiency
Climate change
New products/building systems/ways of working
Sustainable Development in Building Design
The Zero-Energy Houses or Passive Houses
Technology in the Green House
Green Building and Construction bonds
Carbon Footprints in Construction Industry
Carbon Footprint Increase in UK
Energy Consumption, Carbon Emission and Embodied Carbon
Carbon Footprint Calculator
CBR in Construction
Developing long term targets for Construction Resource Efficiency
Carbon dioxide equivalent/embodied energy

3 – Methodology
Research Approach
Local Climate
Data Collection

4 – Data Analysis
Results and Analysis
Thermal Comfort
Overall Evaluation

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations


KYOTO Protocol and the UK Construction Industry Dissertation
KYOTO Protocol and the UK Construction Industry Dissertation

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