How Effective And Efficient Is Supply Chain Management Within The UK Construction Industry? (2013)

Construction Supply Chains in the UK Construction Industry Dissertation – This dissertation examines partnering within a supply chain agreement in the UK Construction Industry. It will examine whether the procedures that are implemented at management levels are adopted at commercial and partnering levels within a main construction company. This dissertation will also highlight how supply chain partners within a partnering agreement are managed and the advantages and disadvantages these processes create.

The literature review examines the origins of supply chain management and the procedures that are required to implement a successful supply chain. The benefits of adopting a supply chain management structure will also be discussed and reviewed and the requirements this type of structure generates. Interviews with eight independent supply chain partners were carried out. These findings were analysed and show the effects that supply chain partnering had on their businesses and the requirements placed upon them by their project sponsors.

Overall the literature review agreed that supply chain management is a key driver in creating a more efficient and effective construction industry, reducing costs, increasing quality and enhancing relationships within organisations. This research also highlights some fundamental problems that supply chain partnering can bring to construction projects. These problems were identified as a lack of understanding at all levels of the management structure, creating conflicting information to commercial departments within their organisation.

Misunderstanding from supply chain partners were also highlighted concerning their role within a partnering agreement and the understanding of its definition. The results obtained from the information collated supports the hypothesis that partnering through a supply chain management system is important to create and improve the efficiency of the UK construction industry. The aim of the dissertation is as listed below;

  • To review primary and secondary literature regarding the poor performance of the UK construction industry and the requirements for improvements through governmental reforms
  • To ascertain whether SCM practices at management levels are being implemented at commercial levels within a construction organisation
  • To examine supply chain management strategies through a series of interviews with supply chain partners. To assess and analyse the findings and identify the advantages and disadvantages being realised through this process

  • 15,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good case study analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for construction management students

1. Background of the UK Construction Industry
Improving the Construction Industry
Supply Chain Management
Research Objectives
Hypothesis Statement
Research Methodology
Literature Review
Interview Analysis
Dissertation Conclusion

2. The Construction Industry
The UK Construction Industry Performance
Need for Change
Recommendations for Improvements
Fragmentation of the UK Construction Industry
SME’s within the UK Construction Industry

3. Supply Chain Management
Logistics to Supply Chain Management
Why Supply Chain Management
The Supply Chain Concept
Integrating Construction Supply Chains
The Role of Partners in the Supply Chain
Vulnerability and Risk Management in the Supply Chain

4. Partnering Construction Supply Chains
Effective Management of the Supply Chain
Choosing Supply Chain Partners
Managing the Supply Chain
Is Partnering Universally Adopted?
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

5. Research Design and Methodology
Objectives of the Information Collation
Method used for Information Collation
Personal Interview
Formulating the Questions
Types of Questions to Interviewee’s
Participants of the Interview Analysis
Method of Data Analysis

6. Conclusion of Research Methodology
Validity of the Hypothesis
Reason for this Study
Research Aims and Objectives
Validity of the Hypothesis
Dissertation Restrictions
Development for Improvements


Construction Supply Chains in the UK Construction Industry Dissertation
Construction Supply Chains in the UK Construction Industry Dissertation

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