Importance of Sustainable Construction and Waste Minimisation (2013)

Sustainable Construction and Waste Minimisation Dissertation – The idea of sustainable construction has become a widely considered topic in the construction industry of recent with varying sectors of the construction industry looking closely at this topic. Sustainable construction looks into how the construction and whole life span of a building can expected in a sustainable manner from the type of material used to construct the building to how the building will create energy and recycle goods.

Historically, designers and clients have become more and more aware of the surrounding environment of buildings and how the construction and technology of buildings can be sustainable to their surrounding environment. An area of sustainable construction which is currently considered in construction the amount of waste arising from projects. Sustainable construction looks at the reduction of waste and how the waste on a construction site can be kept down to a low minimum.

This dissertation is an addition to a number of other research papers on this topic of sustainable construction and waste minimisation to date. The following literature will look into how waste can be reduced through sustainable construction and material choice, and should be a helpful reference to those working in the construction industry who are taking part in the design and construction of a project.

The aim of this dissertation is to show the ideas and practices of sustainable construction and waste minimisation within construction projects and the different ways of implementing the initiatives of waste minimisation and sustainability.

  • 12,000 words – 46 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for quantity surveying students

1 – Introduction
Literature Context
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Methodologies

2 – Literature Review
Definition of construction waste
Waste and the Construction Industry
Designing Projects for Waste Minimisation
Design Parameters
Material Choice and Component Sizes
Over Sizing
Improvement of Waste Minimisation
Waste Minimisation on the Construction Site
Summarising Waste in Construction
Introduction to Sustainability
Definition of Sustainability and Sustainable Construction
Sustainable Construction – The Three Factors
Environmental Factors
Social Factors
Economic Factors
Sustainable Construction and Waste Minimisation
Landfill Tax
Aggregates Tax

3 – Case Study RBS HQ
Background Information of Project
RBS Headquarters Design
Waste Management on Site
Demolition Process
Waste Minimisation Initiatives

4 – Research Findings and Analysis
Interview Aims and Objectives
Interview Findings
Interview Results

5 – Conclusion


Sustainable Construction and Waste Minimisation Dissertation
Sustainable Construction and Waste Minimization Dissertation

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