How Effective Are Design Control Policies When Creating Quality Urban Space While Preserving The Character Of The City Intact? (2013)

Design Control Policies and Creating Quality Urban Spaces Dissertation – This dissertation tries to answer the question whether the design control policies guide the developments to create quality urban spaces while keeping the character of the city intact. It discusses the importance of urban design in modern day city and goes on to clarify the need to control the design facet in planning. The dissertation also discusses the relationship between established urban design theories and present day design control policies.

For the purpose of analysis, a case study of the Fountainbridge area in Edinburgh is done and interviews are conducted involving people from various professions. A detailed analysis of the developments in the case study area along with the views taken from the interviews forms the background of this research. It argues that the design policies are well intentioned and are quite appropriate, but a stricter implementation is required to ensure that the identity of the city is kept intact. Planning authorities and planners on the other hand have the responsibility of developing an entire city or district.

They look at the built environment on a more macro level and often make an effort to furnish an identity to the place. They are concerned with not only the infrastructural aspect but also the social and economic sides and then they outline policies taking these considerations into account. In the quest for improving the overall environment, policies are enforced as a means of controlling developments which in turn not only have an effect on designs on a direct basis but also the impact the designers themselves.

Akin to all other policies, these design controlling measures are occasionally greeted by professionals involved in the built environment and at other occasions are also perceived as an unwarranted intrusion by the authorities. There are many issues that crop up because of this. Like; is there any need for controlling design; is urban design so imperative in this market led generation? and the most important of all, are design control instruments adequately effectual in giving a nudge to the city towards the route of a coherent evolution with quality urban space whilst maintaining the character of the city in one piece?

The focal endeavour of this dissertation is to appraise the efficacy of design control policies and to find out whether or not the implementation of the design guidance is able to generate an image of the city and at the same time manages to provide a public realm. It also scrutinizes whether professionals are amenable to these policies in their present form or do they wish for any amends.
In a bid to accomplish these intentions my dissertation pursues with the following objectives;

  • To peruse the connotation of urban design in present day cities
  • To explore the necessity of design control
  • To locate the relation linking policies and established urban design theories and principles
  • To devise a conclusion and formulate recommendations
  • 12,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview questions
  • Ideal for urban planning and environmental students

1 – Introduction
Research Methodology
Structure of Dissertation
Urban Design

2 – Significance of Urban Design

3 – Design Control
Arguments Against
Arguments For
Level of Intervention

4 – Urban Design Theories and Policies

5 – Case Study Fountainbridge
Fountainbridge Development Brief
Design Policies and Master Plan
Canal Front and Urban Design
Design Guidelines and Policies

6 – Conclusion and Recommendation



Design Control Policies and Creating Quality Urban Spaces Dissertation
Design Control Policies and Creating Quality Urban Spaces Dissertation

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