Legislation and Policies for Sustainable Design and Construction – A Comparative Analysis of The UK and Germany (2013)

Sustainable Design and Construction Legislation Dissertation – Sustainability in the built environment has been widely recognised as one of the main measures to be taken to stop climate change. The most important issue to be considered by the construction industry and its professional in this context is therefore energy conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gases. It is therefore necessary to regard sustainability as a new paradigm in the built environment and architects and engineers can have a large impact on this. Different governments have reacted differently on European Union (EU) directives and other legislative documents.

British and German legislation regarding energy conservation for buildings are based on the same EU directive but differ considerably from each other in implementation and history as well as specifications. To determine the influence of legislation on the way architects and engineers regard sustainability data from a previous research in the UK was analysed and interviews were carried out with architects and engineers in Germany.

The research showed that there is a discrepancy between the awareness of sustainability issues and that legislation has a major impact on the way architects and engineers work. Germany has a higher level of awareness and more architects are sustainability literate. Therefore, recommendations are made to help architects in the UK to determine needed action. The aim of this dissertation and research is to determine the influence of leg-isolation on the way architects and engineers practice with regard to sustainability.

By comparing the influence of German and British legislation regarding sustainability and more specifically energy conservation in housing, recommendations will be made. These recommendations will be made for both countries. The specific targets and intentions of this dissertation and research are to:

  • Give an overview of existing legislation regarding sustainability and energy conservation for housing projects and their development in both the UK and Germany
  • Establish the main differences and similarities between the existing legislation
  • Assess the impact of current legislation on the practice or architects and engineers in both countries
  • Assess the potential lessons that can be learned from the practice in the respective other country
  • Make recommendations as to how to overcome barriers in the design practice and how legislation can react to those barriers

  • 18,000 words – 88 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for construction management students

1 – Introduction
Research methods
Research strategy
Research Aim
Techniques for data collection
Secondary Data
Limitations and strength of research

2 – Sustainability as a New Paradigm for the Built Environment
Sustainability as a New Paradigm
Sustainability and Construction
Sustainability and Architects
Sustainability in the Built Environment – A European Perspective

3 – Legislation and Policies Regarding Sustainability
EU Regulations and Directives
UK Legislation and its Development
Building Regulations
Energy White Paper 2007
Sustainable Energy Act
Energy Conservation Act
BS 8207:1985 Code of practice for energy efficiency in buildings
Good Practice Guide – Energy efficiency in new housing – guidance for local authorities
The Code for Sustainable Homes, Department for Communities and Local Government
German Legislation and its Development
Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV)
National Building Laws and Regulations
Local Building Laws and Regulations
Passivhaus Standard
Similarities and Differences
Sustainable Design in the UK
Research Methodology
Survey Results
Drivers for Energy Conservation in Building Design
Knowledge of Energy Policies and Legislation for Building Design
Current Low Energy Design Practice
Future Legislative Impacts
Barriers to Energy Conservation in Building Design
Financial Drivers
Non-Financial Drivers
Government / Legislative Drivers
Education, communication and training

4 – Sustainable Design in Germany
Research Methodology
Structure of Interview and Rationale of Questions Asked
Survey Results
Legislation and Policies
Information and Education
Architecture and Sustainability
Strategies and Technologies
Financial Drivers
Non-Financial Drivers
Government / Legislative Drivers
Education, Communication and Training

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations


Sustainable Design and Construction Legislation Dissertation
Sustainable Design and Construction Legislation Dissertation

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