The Effectiveness of Life Cycle Costing in Sustainable Construction (2013)

Life Cycle Costing in Sustainable Construction Dissertation – The UK construction industry is a fast pace and ever changing industry, with an increasing emphasis towards sustainability. As the public awareness of sustainability enhances the pressure on the construction industry to consider the concept progresses. Life cycle costing (LCC) is a technique that allows monetary evaluation of alternative investment or design options taking into consideration all of the life cycle costs associated with a building.

The costs generally related to LCC are made up of capital expenditure (CapEx), operating expenditure (OpEx), which comprises of operational and maintenance (O&M) costs, general in-use costs and disposal costs. The outcome of the process assumes that a slight increase in CapEx can result in considerable savings over the life span of a building. A review of the literature, relevant to the research subject will introduce the key principles of LCC and investigate the limitations and barriers preventing further application of the process within the construction industry.

The research will also explore the term ‘sustainable development’ in addition to the implementation of sustainable construction within the construction sector. Further, the aim of the research is to identify the extent to which life cycle costing can be integrated into sustainable design to deliver sustainable construction. The data collection was conducted using a questionnaire, which was distributed among industry professionals and online social groups. The results from this were then used to draw conclusions and recommend any area of further research. The dissertation objectives;

  • To examine the extent to which LLC and sustainable design are being effectively utilised in the construction industry today
  • To investigate the methodology and limitations of LLC and identify why it is not used more broadly within the industry
  • To analyse whether life cycle costing can be used effectively for reducing the environmental impact of construction projects
  • To construct a set of recommendations and decisive conclusions to help support the use of life cycle costing as a tool for sustainability
  • 12,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for quantity surveying students

1 – Introduction
Relevance of study
Structure of dissertation

2 – Literature Review – Life Cycle Costing
LCC – A Brief History
LCC Process
Key elements of LCC
Cost Data
Capital Expenditure
Operational Expenditure
Discount Rates
Asset Life Span
The application of LCC to the industry
LCC limitations

3- Literature Review – Sustainability In Construction
An Overview of sustainability
Sustainability development in construction
Integration of sustainable design into LCC
Limitations and barriers of integrating sustainable design into LCC

4- Research Methodology
Research objectives
Methods of research
Data collection method
Questionnaire structure
Pilot study

5 – Data Analysis
Discussion and analysis of findings
Questionnaire analysis and results

6 – Conclusions and limitations
Statement of findings
Assessment of aims and objectives


Appendix Section

Life Cycle Costing in Sustainable Construction Dissertation
Life Cycle Costing in Sustainable Construction Dissertation

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