Is Prince2 Methodology a Valid Tool within Construction Project Management? (2013)

Prince2 Methodology in Construction Dissertation – Project Management and the application of Project Management methodologies have seen a steady rate of advancement over the past 20 years, more specifically within the field of construction. There are several well-known and applied principles, philosophies and methodologies used by internationally but there are still fundamental issues within the construction industry in relation to projects being completed on time, within budget and within the agreed timescale.

It is recognised that application of these various models requires degrees of tailoring and adaptation to suit each projects size etc., nevertheless, there remain critical issues with respect of the manner in which the organisational structures of projects operate, communicate and function within the team environment. Critically, the success of a project lies within there being a cohesive and stable management structure from the initial stages of the project mandate being created and in the manner of how this structure functions in order to achieve the benefits of the corporate business case.

This dissertation aims to realise how these benefits can be achieved by adopting the use of the Prince2 project management methodology but not as a single reference source but as a complimentary tool to be used in line with the PMBOK at the earliest stage of mandate, inception and project creation. It is the aim of this dissertation to analyse, contrast and compare the fundamental differences in management style between the key subject matter (Prince2) and the other main-stream Project Management book of knowledge, being the Project Management Institutes’ PMBOK.

This paper shall contrast and compare the key ‘knowledge’ areas between these manuals and shall focus upon key areas such as the project inception, project board, sponsors and the management of the Business case and how each of the manuals manage these critical areas with a view to proving that without steadfast management of the business case and appointment and subsequent management at project board level, the project is set to fail.

  • 14,000 words – 62 pages in length
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  • Good analysis of subject area
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1: Introduction
Aims and Objectives of study
Importance of the Case Study
Work Methodology
Scope of Work

2: Project Management Overview
The Project Manager
The Salient features and requirements of a successfully managed project

3: Literature Review
First principles of Project Management
Managing successful projects Prince2
The Methodology
The Project Management body of Knowledge
The Methodology

4: Research Methodology
Research Strategy
Data Collection

5: Explanatory Case Study
Prince2 and modern construction project management
The comparison between Princ2 and PMBOK
Prince2, a retrospective study on the Scottish Parliament
Report on the Project
Organisation / Project Team
Delays and escalated costs
Retrospective Analysis
Project Concept
Evaluation and feasibility
Project Execution / Management plan
Project Management
Risk and Value Management
The application of Prince2
Process Analysis
Starting up a project (SU)
Initiating a Project (IP)
Directing a Project (DP)

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations


Prince2 Methodology in Construction Dissertation
Prince2 Methodology in Construction Dissertation

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