Assessment of the Main Factors Associated With the Uptake of Domestic Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems within the UK (2015)

Photovoltaic Systems within the UK Dissertation – Global warming and climate change is a worldwide issue and is regarded as the biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis of all time. Carbon dioxide (CO2) that is being produced due to the burning of fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas is regarded the main cause of global warming and a strategic approach is required on a global scale to combat the effects (Department for Energy and Climate Change DECC, 2012).

As a result of these changes, renewable energy has become the subject of global attention over the years and countries around the world are increasingly shifting their energy generation to more sustainable methods and technologies. In the UK, the average household consumes around 3,300 kWh of electricity per year which amounts to 40% of the total consumed in the UK as a whole. Recognising this high figure and the massive room for improvement in this sector the UK government decided that the adoption of micro-generation technologies which is defined as small scale renewable energy systems with a maximum capacity of 50kW for electricity and 45kW for heat such as solar photovoltaic, solar thermal panels and small scale wind turbines was of massive importance.

These micro-generation technologies could play a pivotal role in combatting the effects of climate change and overall could help significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed in the domestic sector. The implementation of domestic scale renewable technology on a large scale across the UK is to be implemented by the government in a number of ways including incorporating micro generation technologies in the design of new construction projects and encourage the uptake for existing buildings. These factors are discussed in more detail within the literature review.

It is estimated that by the introduction of government incentives, initiatives and policy to combat the associated barriers could potentially contribute in the reduction of household carbon emissions by 15%. Micro-generation technologies also have the potential to produce as much renewable energy to satisfy 40% of the UK electricity demand by 2050. The aim of this dissertation is to assess the main factors associated with the uptake of domestic scale solar photovoltaic systems within the UK. The dissertation identifies the main motivators and barriers to establish if solar photovoltaic systems have any influence on a home buyer’s decision to purchase a property that has already adopted the technology.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To identify the financial costs and gains associated with installing photovoltaic solar panel systems on existing domestic buildings within the UK.
  • To explore the main motivators and barriers associated with the adoption of solar PV technology on a domestic scale.
  • To identify the government initiatives that are currently in place for existing domestic buildings and also for new housing projects to encourage uptake.
  • To establish current levels of awareness and understanding of domestic scale solar photovoltaic systems amongst potential home buyers and establish if the technology has an effect on their decision when buying a property.
  • 11,000 words – 36 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for construction management students

1 – Introduction

2 – Factors affecting the uptake of solar PV systems within the UK
Motivators and Barriers to Adoption
Uncertainty and Trust
Security of Supply
Impact on Residence
Government Policy and Initiatives
Government Initiatives
Government Framework
Planning Issues
Associated Cost Factors
Capital Costs
Variable Costs

3 – Methodology
Types of Data
Selected Research Method
Benefits with Selected Method
Limitations with Selected Method
Questionnaire Design

4 – Data Analyses
Questionnaire Respondents
Data Analysis Results
Questionnaire Data
Coding System
Response Rate Tables for Each Question
Common Responses
General Understanding and Awareness
Financial Cost Issues
Planning / Policy Issues and Government Incentives
Effect on Decision Making Process

5 – Discussion
General Understanding and Awareness
Planning / Policy Issues and Government Incentives
Associated Financial Costs
Effect on the Decision Making Process

6 – Conclusions, Limitations and Recommendations



Uptake of Domestic Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems within the UK
Uptake of Domestic Scale Solar Photovoltaic Systems within the UK

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