Investigation into the Impact of Government Regulation on the London Real Estate Market (2016)

Persistent challenges in the UK’s and particularly London’s real estate market are commonly attributed to the inelastic supply of housing or shortage of housing. The resulting escalating nature of the property prices in London have however attracted a considerable amount of attention from policy makers. The presented research study builds on the existing body of research and critically examines seven specific policy measures designed to address the problems in the London’s real estate market. The examination relying on the descriptive as well as inferential (Pearson’s correlation test, multilinear regression analysis) methods revealed that stamp duty rate and Get Britain Building represent particularly effective strategies, a combination of which can be used in the future to further stimulate the development of the London’s realestate market.

The main aim of the presented report is to critically examine the extent to which government actions affect the real estate market in London. For the purposes of this study, the main research aim can be broken down into the following set of interlinked research objectives:

  • To review regulatory measures and government initiatives in the period from 2000 to 2015 that influenced the real estate market in London
  • To examine the practical effects of specific government actions on the real estate market in London in terms of housing prices, housing supply, housing demand, availability of social housing and rent values
  • To evaluate the gap between intended and actual affects of particular government actions on the real estate market in London
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1 – Introduction
Aim and Objectives

2 – Literature Review
Regulatory Measures and Housing Market
Trend Towards Homeownership
Affordable Housing
Characteristics of London Real Estate Market

3 – Methodology
Research Strategy
Research Method
Data Collection
Data Analysis

4 – Results and Findings
Overview of Real Estate Market in London
Pearson’s Correlation Test
Multilinear Regression Analysis
Overview of Key Policy Measures
Stamp Duty Rate
Help to Buy
Localism Act
Get Britain Building
Social Housing Policies
Analysis of Impacts of Policy Measures on Real Estate Market in London
Stamp Duty Rate
Help to Buy
Localism Act
Get Britain Building
Social Housing Policies

5 – Discussion

6 – Conclusion
Practical Implications
Further Research


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