Barriers in Adopting Low Carbon Construction in the UK (2017)

Adopting Low Carbon Construction in the UK Dissertation – The overall aim of this study is to examine Low Carbon Construction in the UK Construction Industry and discuss the barriers that are stopping it from being successfully implemented. The issue of sustainability and low carbon construction in the UK industry is no longer a debate on whether or not it is needed, but now a matter of legal obligation that will affect every aspect of the built environment.

The world’s climate continues to deteriorate and new innovative technologies to combat these issues are being increasingly developed. The construction industry, however, seems to be resisting the generally accepted view that now is the time for change in attitude to Low Carbon use within the industry. The aim of the dissertation was to investigate the current levels of adoption of Low Carbon construction and assess the main barriers that are restricting the industry from achieving a low carbon future. Secondary data was collected through an in-depth literature review, which produced the initial knowledge and proved to be the foundations of this study.

Qualitative research methods were then used to gain industry stakeholder’s opinions, views, ideas and knowledge regarding Low Carbon Construction. The main findings of the study was that the construction industry was not innovating towards a low carbon future and this was not going to change until the Government introduces legislation and helps to reduce costs and the Construction Industry strives to gain the knowledge of how and why innovation may be the path to lasting change in attitude of LCC. A conclusion drawn from the study is that Government Legislation is instrumental to increasing adoption levels of Low Carbon construction.

Dissertation objectives

  • To ascertain the history, characteristics, barriers and drivers of LCC
  • To review the role of legislation and policy effecting Low Carbon Construction
  • To determine the current levels of adoption of LCC in the UK
  • To Investigate the views and opinions of key stakeholders in the UK Construction Industry on supporting carbon reductions
  • To Identify areas that can be improved and recommend strategy’s for the Government and local authorities to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions
  • 10,000 words – 38 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for construction management students

1 – Introduction
Research Aim
Rationale for research
Overall Aims and Objective
Research Methodology
Outline of dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Low Carbon Definition
Background to Low Carbon Construction
Current Policy Implementation
Low Carbon Technologies
Assessment Methods
Driver for Low Carbon Construction
Barriers for Low Carbon Construction
Future of Low Carbon Construction

3 – Research Design and Methodology
Scope of Chapter
Statement of Research Aim
Research Approach
Research Method
Data Collection
Interview Questions
Interview Participants
Data Analysis

4 – Data Analysis and Discussion
Knowledge Regarding Low Carbon Construction
Attitude Towards use of Low Carbon Technologies
Drivers for Low Carbon Construction
Barriers to Low Carbon Construction
The Future of Low Carbon Construction

5 – Conclusions
Scope of Chapter


Adopting Low Carbon Construction in the UK Dissertation
Adopting Low Carbon Construction in the UK Dissertation

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