Is Modern Methods Of Construction Able To Alleviate The UK Housing Shortage Crisis? (2017)

UK Housing Shortage Crisis Dissertation – The housing crisis is an issue which has been around for a long time and there seems to be no direct answer to it just now. Many factors have contributed to this including recent economic and political circumstances. Moving away from traditional construction techniques may be a way of speeding up the output of housing and this introduces Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

The aim of the dissertation was to develop an understanding of the housing crisis and the main reasons behind this shortfall. It was then to investigate an overall definition which can be used, examining the current uptake of various types of MMC within the industry and what barriers or drivers with these technologies. It was then the purpose of the study to investigate this issue further and speak to various construction professionals within the industry and gain an insight into the industries thinking of this topic.

Through the use of qualitative research method the construction professionals will be questioned on their opinions on MMC and what the future of this topic could be. This will be directly compared to the secondary which will be collected and general overview will be gathered.

Dissertation objectives

  • Review the housing crisis within the UK and reasons behind it
  • Examine MMC (Past, Present and Future) and the current uptake of various types within the industry
  • Examine the current drivers and barriers associated with MMC within the industry
  • Gain a view to what extent MMC is seen as contributor for an increase in housing in the future within the UK
  • Investigate the future of MMC within house building and how this could be increased
  • 11,000 words – 52 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for quantity surveying students

1 – Introduction
Research Aims and Objectives
What New Contribution Might Your Research Make To The Subject Area?

2 – Literature Review
What Is MMC?
Historic/Influential Reports
History of MMC
Drivers Of MMC
Barriers Of MMC

3 – Methodology
Quantitative And Qualitative Methods
Research Technique

4 – Research and Analysis
Occupation and Experience Within Construction Industry
Extent Organisation Is Embracing or Considering MMC
Drivers of MMC
Barriers of MMC
Final Reasons of Using or Rejecting MMC
Benefits or Drawbacks of MMC From Experience
Extent To Which MMC Can Contribute To Increase In Housing In The Future
Expectation of MMC In The Future Is And How It Can Be Increased
Other Comments

5. Conclusion
Review of Objectives
Future Recommendation of Study


UK Housing Shortage Crisis and Modern Methods of Construction Dissertation
UK Housing Shortage Crisis and Modern Methods of Construction Dissertation

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