Promoting a Career in Construction to Young People – Is There an Appetite? (2017)

Promoting a Career in Construction Dissertation – With skill shortages in the construction industry becoming a greater problem since the great recession in the mid 2000s the industry is facing a fundamental pressure to resolve this. This industry is forever growing and a large demand increase within the UK economy. For the industry to resolve the ever-growing demand it will need a greater promotion among the younger generation.

However, there is an increasing concern over this factor as the demand to close the skill gap is widening and the promotion is simply not seen within the industry at the present time. The purpose of this study is to investigate possible solutions on how to promote construction careers to the younger generation and the best options to drive them into the industry. This will be done by identifying the current causes to the problem and how they can be overcome.

The dissertation will provide an overview of what is already been done in the industry and where the problems first arose. The research was carried out by the author in a review of current literature and the research carried further by accomplishing several surveys to gain both a professional view of the industry and the younger generations view.

The crucial findings of the research were that the respondents believed that an ever-growing skill shortage exists within the industry and many believed this was only going to increase into the future. There were several reasons identified from the research which were mainly promoting the apprenticeship programmes and schemes available to those making career decisions but more information would need to be provided to help those decide.

This would help attract potential recruits to the industry with many options of rewarding careers without the need to go to university which were many respondents concern. The main conclusion from the study carried out is that to promote construction to young people, the industry will need to invest in the promotion of schemes especially apprenticeships to help gain recruits to qualifications and practical experience without having to go to university. This could be done by joint working between professionals currently in the industry and career advisors.

Dissertation objectives

  • Review of the aforementioned existing schemes in the UK which help those interested in a construction career. The identification of the current barriers that hinder the promotion of careers in construction effectively
  • Examine the relationship between schools, colleges and career advisors about a positive image of promoting a professional construction career by organisations such as CITB
  • Provide recommendations for promotion of positive careers in construction
  • 12,000 words – 46 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for quantity surveying students

1 – Introduction
Background to the Problem
Chapter Structure

2 – Literature Review
Background to the Construction Industry
Construction Industry Training Board
Skills in the Industry

3 – Research Methods
Primary Data Collection
Secondary Data Collection
Literature Review

4 – Data Analysis and Discussion
Sample Size and Response Rate
Structure of Questionnaire
Review and Discussion of Questionnaires
Discussion and Evaluation of Research

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Research Aims
Satisfying the Objectives
Research Limitations



Promoting a Career in Construction Dissertation
Promoting a Career in Construction Dissertation

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