Can Apprenticeship Schemes Help Tackle Skills Shortages Within The UK Construction Sector? (2017)

Skills Shortages and Apprenticeship Schemes in UK Construction Dissertation – The skills shortage being experienced in the UK construction industry has reached critical levels and should be addressed with urgency. To gain an understanding of the issue and to propose strategies and areas of focus, pre-existing secondary data was investigated. Primary research, in the form of semi-structured interviews, was conducted to provide opinions and recommendations on the issues.

The research highlighted the extent of the shortage and how a collaborative approach is needed to address it. It is evident that the shortfall is not the sole responsibility for one party. A combined effort involving the Government and Education Authorities together with Business and Student Focus Groups is required.

A major fact identified from the research that trade apprenticeships have less universal appeal than a university education. Perception is of low pay, demanding work and potential impact of Brexit contributing to the negative image associated with the UK construction industry.

The intention is to explore the reasons and extent of the retirement rate compared to recruitment in the industry together with the potential impact of Brexit. An understanding of existing policies, how they differ from previous initiatives, and why the number of new apprenticeships are insufficient to meet current demands will be considered.

Before recommendations are made towards strategies to ensure apprenticeship recruitment is significantly improved. Future requirements of the industry, including impact of technological advancements, will be anticipated to highlight what is required in the short and longer terms.

Dissertation objectives

  • Understand the significance and implications of retirements
  • Understand perceptions of, and apparent reluctance to enter
  • Identify and consider impact of technological advancements
  • Identify potential impact of Brexit
  • Understand the attitudes towards apprentice education, qualifications and employment prospects
  • 12,000 words – 56 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview transcripts
  • Ideal for construction management students

1 – Introduction
Dissertation Structure

2 Literature Review
The UK’s construction skills shortage, a focus on apprenticeship recruitment
The Industry today
Immigration in the UK
Future Outlook
Attitude towards construction apprenticeships
Apprenticeship Recruitment
Skills Shortage and Apprenticeship training around the world

3 – Research Design and Methodology
Aims of the research
Research Methods
Rationale for choosing interviews as the research method
Research analysis
The sample – the selected interviewees
Research Limitations

4 – Discussion and Findings
Personal questions
General opinion
Analysis of objectives

5 – Comparison Interviews and Literature Review

6 – Conclusion and Recommendation
Overall Conclusion



Skills Shortages and Apprenticeship Schemes in UK Construction Dissertation
Skills Shortages and Apprenticeship Schemes in UK Construction Dissertation

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