Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Strategic Change Project Failure (2018)

Computer Aided Facility Management Dissertation – The management of information and communication are primary areas in the management operations in each level of the project cycle of construction. The utilization of digital technologies that are innovative and also tools in carrying out operations can greatly enhance the preparations and execution of the project, this enables the preparation of information that is needed to use the structure efficiently.

One of the most important prerequisites for the accomplishment of the strategic targets in the management of facilities, is efficient communication as well as flow of information. This is widely understood as a practice of various fields that is linked to the management of building and facilities that are meant for the users of the building. The economic view facility management is to free the occupants and the building from issues that are not directly linked to their main business agendas.

Facility management increases the efficiency of a company by linking the quality of the facilities available with the cost control that is active. Facility management enhances the efficiency of a firm which uses the building and also improves the efficiency of work of the employees.

The concept of facility management that is presented is comprised with the need of engaging complex advanced technology and tools in IT that will make sure there is efficient management of information as well as integration of the wide actions that are associated with Facility Management.

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1 – Introduction
Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM)

2 – Literature Review
Facility Management
The Meaning of Facility Management
Integrated Work Order Management Systems (IWOMS)
The Facility Management Team
What is the Role of Facility Managers?
The Challenges That Facility Managers Face In the Management of Facilities
The Importance of Facility Management
Limitations in the Field of Facility Management

3 – Challenges in Facility Management
Future Challenges in Facility Management

4 – Why Computer Aided Facility Management Systems Fail
Challenges Faced When Implementing a CAFM System

5 – Conclusion on the Future of Computer Aided Facility Management Systems


Computer Aided Facility Management Dissertation
CAFM Dissertation

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