Benefits of Deploying Occupational Health and Safety Management within the Construction Industry (2019)

Occupational Health and Safety Management within the Construction Industry Dissertation – The construction industry is becoming more complex as construction projects are increasing with its harsh working environment. Pressure is exerted on organisations to improve their safety and health management and this can be due to the high records of accidents which puts the construction industry with highest number of accidents comparing to other industries. While the necessary guidance on development of safety is increasing by professional parties such as HSE, IOSH and NEBOSH.

However, the process of safety management is still linked to the old recognized guidance from many years ago but now the world is changing and the knowledge needs to be improved in every industry specially in health and safety management because it is not only related to the benefits of organisation but it is more related to human lives and families which will be affected from any accidents occurring in a construction site.

This dissertation investigates the business benefits which can result from investing in occupational health and safety (OHS). A review of literature on safety management culture, construction related hazards and safety regulation will be reviewed and compared globally from previous studies and followed by introducing the consequences of poor safety management on construction related business. Then measuring the current safety situations by interviewing some construction professionals from different countries.

From data collected in the interview responses, it is evident that even the elements of safety culture and regulations are well recognized and significant level of planning is implemented but poor safety can still have a major effect on business development in terms of cost, time and quality. And finally, to improve health and safety performance within the construction industry and maximize the business benefits from investing in OHS and further research with suitable recommendations are proposed.

Dissertation objectives

  • To review the performance of construction organisation’s safety management
  • To investigate financial and non-financial effects of poor OHS on business success factors
  • To identify business benefits from investing in OHS
  • To recommend measures for improving occupational health and safety

  • 12,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview transcripts
  • Ideal for construction management students

1 – Introduction
Background of the dissertation
Outline of research methods
Structure of the dissertation

2 – Literature Review
History of Occupational Health and Safety
Overview of the Global Construction Industry
Global principals of Health and Safety Legislations
Occupational Health and Safety Management
Occupational Hazards
OHS Management Systems and Organisational Culture
Economics of OHS
Consequences of OHS Failure on Business Development
Financial Consequences of OHS Failure
Non-Financial Consequences of OHS Failure
Improvements to Construction Safety Management
Planning of Safety Management
Training and Education
Use of PPE

3 – Methodology
Research Approaches
Quantitative Approach
Qualitative Approach
Mixed Approach
Research Design
Interview Design
Research Ethics

4 – Results and Data Analysis
Data Collection: Interview Results

5 – Discussion

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Limitations of the Research
Future Research


Interview Questions

Occupational Health and Safety Management within the Construction Industry Dissertation
Occupational Health and Safety Management within the Construction Industry Dissertation

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