Analysis of Speculative Bubbles within the Chinese Real Estate Market (2019)

Speculative Bubbles within the Chinese Real Estate Market Dissertation – The real estate industry has a close relationship with the national economy. As a pillar industry, it effectively stimulates other industry growth and has accelerated housing demand in China notably over the past decade. However, due to multiple factors, the creation of a bubble economy is inevitable within the real estate industry.

For example, factors could be the rapid growth of investment portfolios and the increase in residential property price, or an imbalance between market supply and demand which results in the disproportionate structure of the real estate market.

This dissertation mainly analyses its formation mechanism and explores corresponding countermeasures, to improve the sustained and the market healthy development. The dissertation deploys three real estate ratios that manage to find the speculative bubble extent around China (i.e., house price growth rate to GDP growth rate ratio, real estate investment to fixed assets investment ratio, housing price-to-income ratio).

The dissertation also concluded the overall status of the market and some suggestions, according to the research results. Moreover, it conducts a questionnaire which aims to research the extent of speculative bubble and actual status in residential market of Shenzhen.

Dissertation objectives

  • To analyse the generation mechanism and driving forces of real estate bubble
  • To find the degree of the speculative bubble in Chinese market
  • To investigate the bubble in residential market in Shenzhen
  • To obtain the useful suggestions that can be used for the speculative bubble regulation and control

  • 14,000 words – 54 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for real estate management students

1 – Introduction
Research Aim and Objectives
Research Methodology
Literature Review
Indicator Method
Questionnaire Research Method
Comparative Analysis

2 – Literature Review
Real Estate Bubble Emergency
The Methodology Used To Measure the Bubble Degree

3 – Analysis of the Chinese Real Estate Bubbles
The Generation Mechanism of Bubbles in the Chinese Residential Market
Driving Factors of Bubble Generation in Chinese Real Estate
The Impact of Financial Liberalization on Housing Bubbles
The Bank System Impact on the Speculative Bubbles Chinese Real Estate
Impact of Land Supply System on the Real Estate Market
The Virtualization of Land Capital
Systematic Reason of Bubble Economy Formation
Indicator Method to Analyse the Extent of Speculative Real Estate Bubbles in China
First Indicator: Total Real Estate Investment to Total Fixed Assets Investment of the Whole Society
Indicator 2: Ratio of House Price Growth Rate to GDP Growth Rate
Indicator 3: House Price-To-Income Ratio
Questionnaire Research: An Investigation of the Real Estate Market in Shenzhen
Methodology Overview
Basic Information of Respondents
Demand investigation in Shenzhen
Impact of Funds on Purchasing a House

4 – Comparative Research: Real Estate Bubble Crisis in Japan, 1980s
Reasons for the Speculative Bubble in the Japanese Real Estate Market
Comparison between the Bubble Economic Period in Japanese Real Estate Market with the Present Market Conditions in China
The Enlightenment Brought By Japan’s Real Estate Bubble – Lessons Learnt For China

5 – Conclusion and Future Research
Research Conclusion
Research Limitation
Future Research



Speculative Bubbles within the Chinese Real Estate Market Dissertation
Speculative Bubbles within the Chinese Real Estate Market Dissertation

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