A Study Into The Uptake Of Sustainability Practice Within Residential Property (2018)

Sustainability Practice Within Residential Property Dissertation – The issue of climate change and sustainable development has become increasingly important and real estate has had a pivotal role to play. This dissertation aims to investigate the increasing influence of the sustainability agenda within residential property, the most effective methods by which sustainability could be accounted for and the effect this has had on the valuation of homes.

It also aimed to understand the level of awareness among RICS members on the issue of sustainability, to find out what are the most important sustainability indicators of value are and whether a green premium exists within the market. 

Utilising a search of secondary research and undertaking primary research through semi-structured interviews, the results gathered found that the RICS should take a more pro-active approach in educating valuers on the importance of sustainability and enable them through the Red Book to take account of the benefits a green home within a valuation by making adjustments based upon energy efficiency.

Also similar to commercial property, within the residential market there is now evidence of a green premium associated with the capital values of energy efficient homes.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To determine the levels of awareness regarding sustainability among RICS registered valuers
  • To find out what valuers perceive to be the most important sustainability indicators within a residential property
  • To assess how sustainability could be most accurately accounted within residential property valuation
  • To establish whether a green premium exists within the marketplace for residential property

  • 12,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview questions
  • Ideal for quantity surveying students

1 – Introduction
Research Background
Research Aims And Objectives

2 – Literature Review
Origins Of Sustainability And Sustainable Development
Methods Influencing The Energy Performance Of Residential Property
Benefits Of A Sustainable Approach To Real Estate Decisions And The Green Premium
Sustainability In Property Valuation
The Methods Through Which Sustainability Could Be Accounted For Within A Property Valuation

3 – Research Methods
Research Design
Qualitative Research Method
Theoretical Approach
Interpretism and Constructivism Paradigms
Strategy of Inquiry
Research Methods
Safety and Ethics
The Interviews

4 – Primary Research Analysis
Analysis Of Data
Thematic Analysis
Process of Thematic Analysis
Challenges Facing The Valuation Process
Valuers Knowledge And Awareness Of Sustainability Practice Within Residential Property
Important Sustainability Indicators Within A Property
Valuers Opinion On The Contribution Of The RICS
Evidence Of A Green Premium Or Brown Discount Within The Local Property Market
Methods Through Which Sustainability Can Be Embedded Within Residential Property Valuation

5 – Conclusion
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Recommendations
Research Limitations
Research Reflections


Interview Questions

Sustainability Practice Within Residential Property Dissertation
Sustainability Practice Within Residential Property Dissertation

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