What is the Impact of HS2 on House Prices in Birmingham (2020)

Impact of HS2 on House Prices Dissertation – Development of a new transport infrastructure not give only convenience to accessibility. It also drives social and economic well- being. In this research paper, researcher analyzed how development of HS-2 new railway infrastructure in UK influences to the housing prices in Birmingham city. Because house prices in the city of Birmingham has been expanding quickly in last a long time specially after the 1st announcement of the HS2 project which was announced in October, 2010.

For this particular study researcher applied Pragmatic research philosophy. Since pragmatism is philosophy best adjusted with this think about of Affect HS2 has on Birmingham Real estate, it permits researcher to coordinated an assortment of research approaches such as both inductive and deductive approaches. For the support of the inductive approach, researcher has used thematic data analysis and, for requirement of deductive approach correlation analysis and hedonic regression analysis have been used.

The researcher found that development HS-2 new railway infrastructure positively influences to the property values. But it is not happened directly. Marco economic factors, social factors, technological factors are impacted. In this dissertation, researcher emphasized on macro-economic factors (specially studied about per capita income, unemployment rate, inflation rate and interest rate on mortgage loans). Also, researcher analyzed the significant statements toward HS2 project, housing price in Birmingham and past data of the macro economic variables.

According to past data, unemployment and mortgage loan interest rate negatively correlated with housing price supporting the theory of “development HS-2 new railway infrastructure positively influences to the property values”. This dissertation is significant for the various kinds of the people such as house owners of the Birmingham, people who wish to buy houses at Birmingham in the present or future, banks and other financial institutions that give mortgage loans to buy houses and house building companies.

It is important to the house owners of the Birmingham to know their houses’ current and future prices. If they wish to sell or mortgage their houses in the present or future, they should definitely know their houses real values. Also, people who wish to buy houses at Birmingham in the present or future, necessary to know the houses real values.

As an example, since the prices of house in Birmingham will increase rapidly, it is better to buy a house now. If not, they have to bear a very large cost in the future. For that they should have a proper knowledge about the Birmingham house prices.

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1 – Introduction
Problem statement
Research Questions
Significance of the study
Scope of the Study
Overview of the Methodology
Chapter Framework

2 – Literature Review
Theoretical Framework
Housing Prices
Relationship between development of a new transport infrastructure and housing prices
Macroeconomic factors effecting for the housing prices
Hypothesis of the study

3 – Methodology
Research Design
Philosophical foundation
Research Approach
Nature of the study
Research strategy
Population and Sampling
Sampling technique
Data collection method
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Methods of data analysis
Qualitative data analysis techniques

4 – Data Presentation and Data Analysis
Qualitative data analysis
Thematic Analysis
Quantitative data analysis
Collected Data
Correlation Analysis
Hedonic Regression line

5 – Findings and Conclusion
Major Findings of the Study
Findings on the basis of correlation analysis
Findings on the basis of


Impact of HS2 on House Prices Dissertation
Impact of HS2 on House Prices Dissertation

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