A Study on How Innovative Companies Gain a Competitive Advantage through Effective Management of Renewable Energy Technology (2017)

This study investigates how innovative companies operating in the United States gain a competitive advantage through effective management of renewable energy technology. It shows the research findings of an in-depth technology and economic analysis regarding major energy alternatives which are renewable energy technologies, including the Wind Energy, Solar Photovoltaics (PV) and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Technologies.

To obtain primary information, semi-structured interviews were organised in which the management personnel of 10 U.S. innovative renewable energy companies participated. It means that the bottom-up data of the companies were gathered, along with the factor of market supply and demand, and US renewable industry compared with competitors. The results show that the three renewable energy technologies have the strong potential for mitigating the energy crisis, creating more employments and increasing the growth of overall economy.

For this, adequate regulatory and framework conditions are must for companies who make effort to gain competitive advantage by introducing wind energy, CSP and PV into the market. To properly manage the renewable technologies, the participated companies focus on the R&D investment. It has been found that the US energy firms make investment in the PV energy technologies, whereas most of the Asian and European countries focus on CSP and wind energy technologies. It has been established that the US companies have a variety of options and huge investment to make in these technologies, but the factor of fierce competition poses threats, restraining US companies from gaining competitive advantage, because many companies from emerging countries are entering in the industry.

Research Objectives

  • To explore and analyse the ways the U.S.-based energy sector companies perceive the role played by renewable energy technology in gaining competitive advantage
  • To explore and analyse views of the companies with regards to technological innovations and advancements in the renewable energy area
  • To explore and analyse the major trends of the companies (overall management strategy, model adopted for business, value chain, and vertical integration level)
  • To explore and analyse the major trends associated with corporate R&D (overall strategy to R&D, collaboration, outsourcing)
  • To explore and analyse the types of renewable energy technologies leading to competitive advantage in markets through lowering cost or adding value

The participants in this study were 10 local renewable energy U.S. based companies’ management personnel at the decline phase of the product life cycle, such as decline in diffusion. The energy companies are located in U.S. and have expertise to plan and install key renewable energy technologies: Solar Photovoltaics (PV), Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), and Wind Energy Technologies (wind) to serve their local clients.

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1 – Introduction
Research Background
Research Problem.
Research Aim, Objectives and Questions
Research Rationale
Significance of Research
Structure of the Research

2 – Literature Review
Competitive Advantage and Porter’s Diamond Model: Theoretical Framework and Research
Factor Conditions
Demand Conditions
Related and Supporting Industries
Firm Strategy, Structure and Rivalry
Wind Energy
Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)
Energy Transitions and Importance of Renewable Energy Sources
The Current Situation
Lead Markets for Renewable Energy Innovations
Demand and Supply Sides of Domestic Market
Policy Mix
Technological Capability
Market Structure
Diffusion of Photovoltaic Systems

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Research Design
Data Collection
Sampling Method and Participants
Data Analysis

4 – Research Findings
Validation of the Data Gathered
Interviews’ Findings
Key Findings: Interview from Wind Companies
Views about Technological Innovations and Advancements in Wind Renewable Energy
Key Findings: Interview from PV Renewable Companies
Views about Technological Innovations and Advancements in PV Renewable Energy
Key Trends Related to Corporate Level and Location in Terms of R&D Strategy for PV Technology
Key Findings: Interviews from CSP Renewable Energy Companies
Views about Technological Innovations and Advancements in CSP Renewable Energy
Key Trends Related to Corporate Level and Location in Terms of R&D Strategy for CSP Technology
Summary of Findings

5 – Data Analysis and Discussion
Data Analysis
Stocktaking the Research Findings and the Management Interviews48
Companies’ Views Using Firm-Level Data and the Industry Management Trends
Possible Policy Implications Discussion

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Government’s Policy Measures
R&D Programmes and Locations
Taking Vertical Integration Level


Interview Questionnaire

Renewable Energy Technology Dissertation
Renewable Energy Technology Dissertation

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