Change is a phenomenon that affects all aspects of life. In the business sector, change determines the directions taken by business venture. The survival of any business venture is largely dependent on how the sector responds to change. There are trends in a business environment that acts as indicators of the possible events in a sector. The current automobile industry is a product of trends in the world social economic front for the last century. The car has become an integral part of modern society and therefore subject to the changes in every society. Source of energy to the automobile engine has been subject to different market trends. The history of the car is characterized by shifts from the steam driven engine where coal was the major energy source to use of oil. Oil driven engines has developed to be the face of the modern automobile. In this development, concerns have been on reducing the fuel intake of each improved car engine as a way of mitigating the shortcomings associated with oil as the source of energy. This report focuses on the development of the Green car that does not rely on oil. The paper explores its reception and its competitiveness amidst oil-engines dominated market. Trends in the china market are evaluated while the possible scenarios in the market have been outlined

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