Overcoming numerous barriers in organizational communication is one of the major challenges for managers in business organizations. In business literature, a silo is defined as an organizational entity that resembles as an information container working as a communication barrier to other organizational entities. The objectives of the current study are to investigate the communication silo and its cause and impact on Royal Greenland and to provide suggestions to overcome this barrier. The method of the research is qualitative where a cumulative method of data collection and analysis were followed. It has been found that Royal Greenland lack of a proper corporate culture, and the communication silo existed in every corner of the organization, where the senior managers were actively involved. The main causes of communication silos in Royal Greenland were–financial sub-optimization, employers’ busy time schedule, lack of boundary-spanning and multi-domain skills, and the lack of an effective information management system. The role of leadership to overcome communication silos and other barriers were discussed, where the most stress was put to the necessity to develop a winning corporate culture. At last, the major leadership challenges to achieve this goal were discussed

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