BMW is the one of the largest and admired care manufacturing company which has strong customer base due to its brand name. BMW is one of the top ten manufacturers which have three strong brands Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mini. BMW`s Strategy one which has four important pillars i.e. “Access to technology and customers” “Profitability” “Growth” and “Shaping the future”. This strategy is aimed at providing guidelines for its operation management to remain focus on the long-term value creation and to achieve quality improvement. BMW has a special approach towards its supply chain management; they have adopted build-to-order supply chain management. BMW however have a good approach to satisfy new customers’ needs through its build-to-order supply chain. But on the other hand manufacturing industries in automobile sector do need to focus on their logistics in supplying `parts` after sale. Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction are the important concepts of TQM (Roy et al, 2006). BMW has ATLAS program which deals with supplying customers with replacement parts after the issue of supply chain

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