After the emission scandal at Volkswagen in 2015, the company was in dire need for sustainable CSR reporting. What strategies did the company undertake as a move to strengthen more corporate social responsibilities and be competitive in the automobile market? The qualitative analysis in this study was employed on to explore VW’s influence on the global scale. This was so because it is asserted that corporations such as Volkswagen utilize annual reports, corporate social reports, and sustainability reports not only with the aim of showcasing their superiority, but also to emphasize on their image in the global corporate world. Volkswagen Corporation is considered a CSR star and had published CSR reports from 2011 through 2014, to the point it was named as the 2015 Automotive Industry Leader in its Dow Jones Sustainability Index; it became the leader in auto Manufacturer Company, surpassing Toyota October 6, 2015, the Dow Jones removed VW from all of its Sustainability index reports because of the eruption of its emission scandal. Includes SWOT, PESTLE and PORTER analyses

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