The balanced scorecard is the methodology that enables organizations to implement strategies and achieve their vision and mission. In this paper Balanced Scorecard for Hilton Worldwide is discussed and every perspective is discussed. Hilton Worldwide is a global leader in the business of Hotel and Resorts which was established in 1919 by its founder Conrad Hilton. In the 96 years of journey the Hilton Hotel went through several Mergers and Acquisitions and today it is operating successfully in 92 countries. Hilton Worldwide is one of the organizations which adopted Balanced Scorecard Methodology as the Strategic Management System and in 2 years have astonishing results in customer satisfaction and Market Revenue Index. In this paper, focus is given to the organization’s objectives and how successfully Hilton Worldwide has adopted Balanced Scorecard to bring changes and achieved its primary and secondary objectives. Quantitative metrics analysis is provided for better understanding of the targets achieved and sections which need improvement in a long run

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