This study is aimed at analyzing Unilever’s 2020 Stretch Goal which is developed to attain a competitive edge in the global market by aligning business trends of the company with the globalization. Unilever is a renowned company operating in the sector of consumer’s goods at global level. And its growth rate increase at a higher rate due to use of business strategies which can manage business goals and mission with the business operations along with the use of innovation. Force Field analysis is used to find out driving and restraining forces as well as internal and external forces which can affect business growth. PEST analysis is also conducted to identify macro-environmental factors which are providing opportunities and threats for the growth of business. Role of the Polman as an effective leader is also analyzed in this study. And strategies used by him to improve growth of the Unilever are also effective and these played a vital role in the expansion of business at global level. Corporate culture and behavior of the employees at Unilever is capable of promoting cooperation and participative style of the management. And it has also helped in the achievement of targets of business in an efficient way. Recommendations are also provided for the achievement of goals related to sustainability by focusing on the change management strategies

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