CSR failure at Nestle – In this essay, the organization’s failure to fulfill its CSR or ethical responsibility is discussed. For this, an article from The Guardian by Balch (2021) is selected. Balch (2021) highlighted that 8 children filed a suit against Nestle and other chocolate producing companies for forcefully engaging them in child and slaver in the production plants and farms in the West African countries. Also, children claimed that they did not get any pay or wages against work indicating Nestle’s failure to meet CSR or ethical responsibility.

Also, economic responsibility states that organizations should make profit, legal responsibilities are related to obeying the law, ethical responsibilities state that companies are obliged to do right things. The philanthropic responsibilities states that companies should contribute for the betterment of society. In case of Nestle, it merely focused on fulfilling economic responsibility by earning profits but violated the law, performed unethical activities and did not focus on philanthropic responsibilities because of child labor and slavery in African production plants. Thus, the management need to look into the issue and focus on socially responsible activities to combat CSR failure at Nestle.

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