Business Behavior Report: A Study of Tesla – Tesla Incorporation is US based clean energy and automotive company, owned by Elon Musk, founded in 2003 in Texas (Tesla, 2022). The basic purpose of Tesla is to manufacture and design electric vehicles. Other products include battery energy storage, solar roof tiles as well as solar panels and other related goods. Engineers who found Tesla have a view that people should not compromise on driving the electric cars. Tesla manufactures and delivers cars worldwide and generate huge revenues. As shown in the below figure, Tesla’s quarterly sales showed increased from 2016 to 2021 and the first quarter sales in 2022 are 310.0.5 units. This indicates strong financial position of the company due to high revenues.

It is concluded that Tesla is one of the successful businesses that is focusing on innovation and making eco-friendly products. Its purpose is to offer electric cars and its legal structure is privately owned company. It has different internal and external stakeholders that help the company to successfully operate. There are different PESTLE factors that impact Tesla and it has to make strategies based on the external environmental factors along with the internal factors. The external factors can help it to identify different opportunities and threats. Also, the marketing mix of Tesla is impacted by the PESTLE factors and it mold its strategies based on these factors.

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